Wildlife animal removal services have since become a necessity among homeowners in Dallas, and this is due mainly to growing number of homes being built in areas considered by wildlife animals as their natural habitat. Wildlife such as rats, raccoons, skunks, and squirrels, find their way into homes as they see these as safe shelter and hiding places for their offspring. However, by doing so, they also pose risks to those who live in these houses, as they have the tendency to gnaw through the wooden walls and create holes, leave their excrement and spread diseases along the way.

Indeed, it is not common for humans to fall sick due to wildlife infestation, but it has become an imperative to resolve this issue at the soonest for the safety of those living in the property. It is well known that rats are prone to spreading diseases such as leptospirosis and Hantavirus through their reviews, and squirrels like to chew wooden installments and bite through electrical wirings. Raccoons, like rodents, also carry various diseases such as rabies.

Our three-step animal removal process

Brinker Animal Removal has since been addressing the need for wildlife animal removal in Dallas, Texas. Comprised of a team of expert technicians, homes infested by rodents, squirrels, or raccoons are carefully examined to determine the best humane and permanent solution. This is followed by a three-step process of animal removal: trapping, exclusion, and treatment and restoration.

Identified wildlife animals are trapped, captured, and released back to their natural habitat;
All entry points are sealed to ensure that these wildlife animals are no longer capable of entering the home using a metal-based product;

Lastly, all infested areas are treated and restored, including removal of even the littles traces pheromones left by these animals through their excrement.

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