Nuisance wildlife can create problems that property owners never think of.

In cases of severe infestation, complete attic restoration and remediation is necessary to keep the property safe for your family or clients. In severe cases, the rodents have likely chewed holes in air ducts, wires, and other hidden attic barriers and into the living space of the building. This puts the building occupant at an risk for many extremely dangerous and expensive consequences:

  • Rapid spread of bacterium and fungal spores through damaged air ducts.
  • Devastating fires caused by damaged wires in an aggressive fire environment.
  • Damage to the AC/Heating components due to damaged wiring.

Brinker Animal Removal helps to prevent these problems from happening to your property by providing a complete attic restoration and remediation. This process includes:

  • Removal of all current insulation using a filtered vacuum system to prevent the dried fecal matter from becoming airborne.
  • Inspecting all wires and air ducts for damage.
  • Perform a 2 stage decontamination process to decontaminate the entire attic space.
  • Blow in all new high quality attic insulation leaving you with a new, more energy efficient attic.

This is a critical procedure for all severe infestations to prevent further property damage and spread of disease. Brinker Animal Removal offers a variety of types of new insulation to fit your needs. We offer fiberglass blown in, as well as cellulose blown in insulation installed to any R value.

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