The slight whiff of a wild animal has transformed into an eye watering smell of a decaying carcass. Do you attempt to find the dead bird, mouse, or skunk, or do you turn to the highest rated home services company operating in Wylie, TX.

For nearly 30 years, Brinker Animal Removal has offered the most effective animal removal solutions for Wylie, Texas homeowners. Read our online reviews on independent websites such a Yelp to see why we are the go to animal removal experts in central Texas. Our customers praise the advanced technologies our team of animal removal professionals uses to efficiently rid your home of furry creatures. We also earn praise for providing friendly customer service that focuses on eliminating costly wild animal problems.

The Benefits of Hiring Brinker Animal Removal

Hiring Brinker Animal Removal to take of your animal extraction needs creates several benefits for Wylie, Texas homeowner. First, we use the most advanced technologies to remove both live and dead wild animals. The equipment our team of customer first professionals uses ensures your home remains in pristine condition. Not only do we remove wildlife from your home quickly, we also implement strategies to prevent future invasions. Our most important service involves taking steps to keep critters out of your home.

We do not stop when the inside of your home is secure. Brinker Animal Removal also examines every inch of your property to find evidence of wild animal intrusions. Wildlife such as rabbits and squirrels love the free meals offered by fertile vegetable gardens. Extending a mesh fence around your garden does not deter hungry deer or rabbits from making off with ripe tomatoes and ready to harvest carrots. Our team of home services professionals makes sure your lawn and garden remains free of pesky wildlife.

The Wylie, TX Animal Removal Company for All Jobs

When you hire Brinker Animal Removal for animal removal solutions, you partner with an established company that offers comprehensive services. Unlike most of our competitors, we take care of all animal removal needs. After we extract a family of raccoons from the attic, our team of dedicated home services experts cleans the area to prevent the spread of infectious germs. In addition, Brinker Animal Removal implements prevention strategies to ensure the masked bandits never return to your Wylie, Texas home. Sure, repeat business is what drives sales, but in the case of animal removal services, prevention is 100% of the cure that keeps uninvited furry guests out of your home.

Do It Yourself Advice

Many of our loyal customers come to us for advice on how to handle easy to do animal removal jobs. No, we do not charge for the advice. Our solutions to simple home animal removal problems ensure you trust Brinker Animal Removal for years to come.

If you have to deal with only one skunk or one possum, removing the critter involves using a catchpole. You can buy a catchpole or create a custom model for the removal of wildlife in Wylie, TX. A catchpole is a device that contains a noose threaded at the end of a metal or wooden pole. A string is attached to the noose that allows you to tighten your grip on a wild animal you want gone from the attic or basement. We also explain to our customers the importance of implementing humane animal removal techniques, such as trapping rodents and releasing the animals into their natural habitats.

Brinker Animal Removal has operated the highest rated home services company in Wylie, Texas since 1981. Call our office or complete the online contact form today to schedule an initial consultation.

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