Animal Trapping, Removal, and Repair in Dallas

Addison, TX homeowners enjoy living among a wide variety of wildlife, some of which like to feed on vegetation growing in the backyard. The inviting free meals sometimes lead to home invasions by certain species and the free rent policy can cause homeowners plenty in home damages.

The experienced team of home services professionals at Brinker Animal Removal suggests several methods for Addison, TX homeowners to prevent wild animal invasions into their homes.

However, some wild animals are not deterred by the wood and brick obstacles standing in their way, which means you need to hire Brinker Animal Removal to rid your home of the nuisance caused by wild animal intrusions.

Types of Animal Removal Services for Addison, Texas Homeowners

Brinker Animal Removal offers several animal removal services. Our customer first team of animal removal experts specializes in entering confined spaces such as attics and chimneys to eliminate the presence of bats, birds, and squirrels. Rodents especially love climbing into chimneys and entering attics to set up shop during a central Texas winter. You need to work with professionals who know how to use the tools required to get rid of wild animals from your attic and chimney.

Because of the mild climate enjoyed by Addison, Texas homeowners, several wild animal species like to take up residence in lawns and gardens. Nothing is more annoying than taking immaculate care of your property, only to have squirrels and raccoons chew away at the lush grass and plants. Skunks like to move into homeowner lawns and gardens and the defense mechanisms used by the furry creatures require immediate removal by the licensed professionals at Brinker Animal Removal.

Experts at Removing Dead Animals

The smell begins as a fleeting scent that eventually turns into a raging assault on the nose. Where is the stench coming from and what is causing it? The team of animal removal experts at Brinker Animal Removal not only will determine the type of decaying animal giving off the foul odor, we also take efficient measures to remove the dead animal from your home. We know where to look for the removal of dead animals, as well as implement the strategies that make dead animal removal a painless home service for our loyal customers who live in Addison, TX

How Mice Enter Homes

The smaller the animal, the tougher it is for Addison, Texas homeowners to remove. Mice by the dozens can turn your home into a rodent version of Holiday Inn. Hole diameters as small as one-quarter of an inch is all mice need to flee winter weather and find warmth in an attic or under the kitchen sink. Brinker Animal Removal sends out teams of animal removal professionals to search for entry points in the garage, basement, and the gaps caused by utility line installations.

Like CSIs at a crime scene, we search for evidence like small fecal droppings and holes created in boxes of dry food. We know where to set traps and seal potential exterior entry areas where mice invade Addison, Texas homes. You might need an emergency intervention by placing bronze wool or copper mesh into the cracks forming along the foundation of your home.

When wild animals turn your home into a temporary shelter, you need to hire a highly rated home services company to put out the “No Vacancy” sign. Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has delivered superior animal removal services for our Addison, TX customers.

Call our office or leave your contact information on our online form today to schedule a consultation to determine what needs to be done to remove uninvited wild animals from your home.