Are there bats in the belfry or do you have a much worse animal infestation? If you encounter a raccoon scurrying on the roof to reach a large opening that leads to the attic, then you have a serious problem on your hands. Not only do raccoons cause incredible damage to Addison, Texas homes, the bandit looking animals are also capable of causing immense damage to the body. From penetrating claw marks requiring multiple stitches to rabies left by a vicious bite, raccoons require the immediate attention of the raccoon removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal.

Every member of our team of licensed and bonded raccoon removal experts follows the Brinker mission: “Building successful relationships with our clients by delivering the highest quality restoration projects.” Since 1981, we have offered superior home services for our Addison, TX customers. Not only does Brinker Animal Removal eliminate your raccoon problem, we also implement measures to restore the areas of your home damaged by the ravenous beasts. You can call us anytime during the day and night to receive emergency raccoon removal services.

Why Raccoons Invade Addison, Texas Homes

Many of customers ask the same question: Since winters are typically bearable in central Texas, why do raccoons enter homes for the entire season. Weather represents one of the reasons raccoons invade Addison, Texas homes, but not to keep momma raccoon dry and warm. Raccoons invade homes because a pregnant mother needs a secure place to shack up when it is time to deliver multiple babies. Attics offer the dry warmth that protects raccoon infants from sometimes harsh central Texas weather. Mother raccoons also like to move into homes because it reduces the threat posed by other wild animals. Moreover, outdoor food sources dwindle during winter and a home stocked with food offers the best opportunity to feed the babies.

Tips for Preventing a Raccoon Infestation

The raccoon removal specialists at Brinker explain to each of our Addison, TX customers how to prevent a raccoon invasion. First, ensure every possible entry way along the roof and basement is sealed closed. Unlike smaller rodents such as rats and mice, raccoons require large holes or cracks to gain access to homes. Second, weigh down the lids on the garbage containers to prevent raccoons from digging in for a meal. Raccoons attracted to a home because of unsecured trash vessels are more likely to try entering the home.

We recommend our customers add screen vents around windows and over chimneys. Raccoons love the gaping entrance a chimney provides. Store all dry food in cabinets or in areas well above ground. Raccoons can detect food left unattended in basements and within open pantries. Ventilate the areas of your home where moisture accumulates. In addition to food, raccoons and their offspring require a healthy dose of water to remain nourished. If a mother raccoon is successful in gaining entrance to your home, the time has come to contact the raccoon removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal

Contact Raccoon Removal Experts

Whenever raccoons feel threaten, the destructive animals can become aggressive and cause serious injuries that require months, if not years of rehabilitation. Poisoning raccoons might seem like an effective way to get rid of the pests, but what happens when a poisoned raccoon returns to the wild and dies? The answer is other wild animals are at risk of ingesting the same poison that killed the raccoon.

The highly rated team of animal removal professionals at Brinker prefers using a more humane method for extracting raccoons from Addison, Texas homes. We trap raccoons in spacious cages, and then we drive miles away to return raccoons to their natural habitats. Raccoons have the uncanny ability to travel back where they set up shop inside your home. When we say miles, we mean dozens of miles.

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