When Addison, Texas homeowners encounter rodent infestation, they want to turn to a Better Business Bureau (BBB) accredited rodent removal company like Brinker Animal Removal. We have worked hard for more than 35 years building trust with Addison, TX customers who want prompt and effective rodent removal solutions for their homes

Our A+ rating from the BBB is the highest honor bestowed upon businesses by the unbiased organization. We have received 13 positive reviews and not one negative review, which is one of the reasons for our strong BBB rating. Several professional certifications, our transparent business practices, and the amount of time we have operated in the Dallas metroplex have made us the go to contractor for removing potentially destructive rodents from your home.

When Rodents Become a Nuisance for Addison, Texas Homeowners

What is a rodent? The licensed and bonded team of home services professionals at Brinker Animal Removal likes to explain to our Addison, Texas customers that rodents are mammals that possess a pair of razor sharp incisors that constantly grow in both the top and bottom of the jaw. Since the teeth never cease to grow, rodents have to gnaw on anything within sight to ensure the teeth remain at normal length.

Rodent gnawing is typically the first sign mice, rats, and squirrels. You also might notice small droppings near holes located in low traffic areas of your home and in cabinets located in the kitchen. The first signs of a rodent infestation should worry Addison, TX homeowners, as rodents can do quite a number on walls, beams, electrical wiring, and your most treasured possessions.

When you detect the first signs of rodent infestation, you should contact the experienced home improvement professionals at Brinker Animal Removal to prevent the nuisance into becoming a major issue.

How do Mice Damage Addison, TX Homes?

Mice chew and gnaw on virtually everything the small rodent comes across. Not only do the chewing and gnawing help mice control the growth of their incisors, it also supplies materials for building nests. When you see wood, cloth, books, and paper looking like something has done a number on the materials, you should start looking for areas where mice like to call home. These areas include small holes in a wall and behind clutter under the kitchen sink.

Mice also like to dig their way into furniture to build nests. Insulation in the attic is fair game for mice, as well as the insulation covering wires. When you experience lights fluttering, the problem is most likely not a faulty power source, but the result of a mouse or family of mice going to town on the wiring in your Addison, Texas home.

Brinker Animal Removal Knows Mice Behaviors

The BBB A+ rated team at Brinker Animal Removal knows about mice behaviors. Our experience helps us find the locations in your home where mice love to hide. Any area of your home that is cluttered-especially with cardboard-is prime real estate for a family of mice. For meals, mice will search for about anything, but they love it when Addison, TX homeowners leave out grains and cereals in large bags sitting on the kitchen floor. If you have one or more pets, mice have no problem stealing Fido’s dinner. Mice jump very high for their small size and they are tremendous climbers. Even if you think you have secured all of your food, mice can climb the sides of kitchen counters to reach open cabinets.

One of the first things we do to help Addison, Texas homeowners is to establish strategies for preventing rodents from entering their homes. Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to learn more about how to handle a rodent infestation.