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When you hire Brinker Animal Removal to chase a family of squirrels from your home, you are hiring a highly rated home services company that prides itself on communicating frequently with our Addison, TX customers. We let you know every step of the way about the progress we have made relocating pesky squirrels. You never have to wonder how far along we are on the project and how much the project will take out of your home improvement budget.

Take it from hundreds of our customers and the Better Business Bureau: Brinker Animal Removal offers superior home services, including the efficient removal of squirrels from your home

A Squirrel’s Destructive Journey

Squirrels often conjure up the colorful images of Rocky the flying squirrel coming to save the day. However, when it comes to our Addison, Texas customers, squirrels come to homes for extended periods of causing massive destruction.

Right after a squirrel gains access to the attic or basement, it will immediately begin searching for materials to build a warm, spacious nest for the entire family. Although squirrels like to use materials provided by Mother Nature, the easy way to build a nest involves stripping wood and newspapers located inside your home. When wood and paper sources run dry, squirrels turn to clothing and worse, the insulation covering attic walls and the insulation woven around electrical wires. It is not out of the question for squirrels to turn their destructive eyes on drywall and wooden support beams.

After finishing the home destruction project, squirrels embark on the search for food, which introduces potentially lethal consequences.

The Risk of a Foodborne Illness

Hungry squirrels search for food in the most likely place: your kitchen. From easy to open bags of rice to leftovers in the dog’s bowl, squirrels will eat anything. The result is a trail of fecal matter leading to and from the recently built nest. Fecal matter contains potentially lethal micro-organisms that can cause diseases such as salmonella, tularemia, and Lassa fever. Symptoms of the debilitating illnesses include diarrhea and intense stomach pain. When our team of licensed and bonded animal removal experts makes its first visit to your Addison, TX home, we conduct a thorough search for evidence of the feces left behind by rodents such as squirrels.

Squirrel Removal Solutions for Addison, TX Homeowners

Our goal is to create an effective strategy that quickly returns your home back to you and your loved ones. We schedule an initial meeting when we listen to you describe the problem and our team of squirrel removal specialists conducts a meticulous investigation of your home. We brainstorm ideas and then head back to the office for a few days of planning our squirrel extraction project.

During the second consultation, you can expect us to provide a detailed plan that describes how we plan to remove squirrels from your home. You can also expect to learn about the costs we expect to incur for eliminating your rodent problem Before our team begins the first day of work, you will receive a schedule of when we will be in your home to work on the squirrel removal project. Although we like to schedule visits when at least one adult is home, we understand that work and other time constraints might make that impossible to accomplish.

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