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How Raccoons Enter Allen, Texas Homes

If your Allen, TX home becomes a raccoon shelter, do not expect the infestation to be performed by an army of the bandit looking wild animals. In fact, the start of your raccoon problem will probably involve a pregnant raccoon entering your home to deliver several babies during winter. A pregnant raccoon does not want to set up a permanent address in your attic or basement. The potentially dangerous wild animal just needs shelter for the kids to ride out cold weather.

Raccoons typically enter homes through large gaps along a roof or basement. By using their incredibly powerful jaws, adult raccoons can excavate enough roofing material to produce holes large enough to move through. Homes that sit under sturdy tree branches offer raccoons the ultimate way to climb onto a roof. Raccoons can move up the side of a home, but climbing a tree represents the easiest method for gaining access to the roof and hence, the inside of your Allen, Texas home.

How to Prevent a Raccoon Invasion

The licensed and bonded team of animal removal professionals at Brinker emphasizes to our customers the importance of preventing raccoon infestations. You want to seal every hole and crack along the roof and foundation of your home to discourage raccoons from checking in for the duration of winter. We also recommend our Allen, TX customers place heavy objects over trash receptacles to prevent raccoons from gorging themselves on dinner leftovers. Once a raccoon discovers an easy to access garbage can, it will hang around your home long enough to discover a way to gain access to the attic or basement.

Brinker Animal Removal also teaches our customers how to store food properly, especially dry foods such as pasta and cereal. Raccoons have no problem leaving the comfort of an attic nest to roam your house in search of food. We suggest Allen, Texas homeowners ventilate damp areas of the basement to eliminate water sources for malnourished raccoons that have just entered a home. You should also unclog drains around the home and seal spaces between water pipes to prevent raccoons from drinking water located next to your home.

Raccoon Removal Experts in Allen, TX

Although prevention should be the 100% cure for stopping raccoons from gaining access to your home, the fact remains the wild animal is a determined critter that will try anything to deliver the next army of Allen, TX home invaders. When you discover the presence of just one raccoon inside your home, you must contact Brinker Animal Removal immediately to prevent one raccoon from turning into a family of hungry animals.

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