Rat Removal Services in Allen, Texas

When you search for an Allen, TX company to take care of a rat infestation, you want to work with a home services contractor that exceeds your customer service expectations. You can read online reviews to get a good idea about how much a rat removal company in Allen, Texas cares. However, a better sign of caring is the involvement the company has in the community.

Since 1981, Brinker Construction has been a cornerstone of numerous communities in the Dallas metroplex. Our concern for the welfare for our customers extends well beyond removing potentially dangerous rodents from Allen, Texas homes. We participate in civic events and sponsor events that attract people from all over greater Dallas.

We care for the community and we care for our customers. No other service that we offers says more about how we care than the Brinker Construction emergency phone line that operates 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

Health Risks Associated with Rodents and Rats

Rats possess very sharp teeth that can dig deep into the skin and surrounding tissue. The damage caused by a rodent bite-even from a tiny mouse-can send you to the emergency room. However, disease poses a much greater threat because microorganisms carried by rats and rodents are invisible to the naked eye. Whenever a rat compromises a food source, it dramatically increases the risk of the development of a foodborne illness.

Salmonella represents a debilitating illness transmitted by microorganisms from rodent feces that taint food and water. High fever, acute diarrhea, and agonizing abdominal pain are just some of the results of a salmonella outbreak. According for the Center for Disease Control (CDC), rodents can directly spread illnesses and diseases such as Tularemia, Lassa Fever, and Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever.

The threat of disease should immediately prompt Allen, TX homeowners to contact the licensed and bonded team of animal removal specialists at Brinker Construction.

One Rat for Allen, TX Homeowners Means Trouble

When you see one rat wandering around in the basement, you might say to yourself “No big deal.”

Think again, because the presence of one rat means there are probably several more rats lurking in the shadows.

One of the primary reasons rodents move into Allen, Texas homes is to have lots of babies. Even the short-lived winter chill of north Texas is enough to drive rodents into area houses. Each female rat can have up to seven litters within one year. Each rat litter brings as many as 14 babies into the world. This means one female rat that invades your home has the potential to deliver 98 babies. Female mice can produce 10 litters per year, with a maximum of six babies born per litter.

The breeding numbers alone should motivate Allen, TX homeowners to contact Brinker Construction after the sighting of just a single rat.

Brinker Construction Offers Rodent Control Tips

Although rodents are determined to find a cozy spot to nest for the winter and possibly beyond, you can implement several tips to discourage the mammals from setting up a new address inside of your home. We recommend the installation of door sweeps to prevent mice from entering the smallest cracks. Repair all damaged door and window screens, as well as add screens over vents and the opening of a chimney. We remind Allen, Texas homeowners to seal food tightly in containers and remove indoor garbage and place it in the outdoor dumpster at least one time per day. Sealing every crack you can find also goes a long way for setting the unwelcome mat out for potentially dangerous rodents.

Call Brinker Construction or complete the convenient online form today to schedule an initial consultation for rodent removal services in Allen, TX.