Efficient Rodent Removal for Allen, Texas Homeowners

It starts with scratching sounds in the attic and after several days of listening to the odd sounds, you hear squeaky chirps coming out from the kitchen wall. You do not know what to make of the sounds until you notice a pair of chewed up leather shoes in the living room.

You have a rodent problem and the time has come to contact the animal removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal.

Since 1981, we have helped Allen, TX homeowners efficiently get rid of rats, mice, and squirrels. Although rodents appear to pose no threat to your home, the fact is rodent removal prevents the furry critters from damaging important infrastructure, such as the electrical wiring system located in the attic. Because of razor sharp teeth, rodents make quick work out of clothing and newspapers, as well as harder objects to chew and gnaw like wall insulation and wooden support beams. If you see a family of squirrels leaving the attic or a horde of mice nesting behind a wall, the time for having a sense of urgency has arrived.

The time has come to contact Brinker Animal Removal.

Beware of a Rat Population Explosion

You see a rat come out from a hole in the wall located in the dining room. The lone rat does not present much of a problem. That I, until the next time it races out of the dining room wall hole, when the rat is accompanied by about a dozen of her best friends. Like other rodents, rats tend to seek shelter before the onset of winter. Even with the temperate climate in Allen, Texas, rats, mice, and squirrels love to call attics temporary homes. Pregnant rodents especially seek refuge in attics and behind walls to protect infants from predators and the chill ushered in by Old Man Winter.

Rats multiply at astonishing rates. A pregnant rat has the capability of delivering up to seven litters per year, with each litter bringing up to 14 newborns into the world. This means one pregnant rat that finds a way into your home can product nearly 100 more rats by the end of 365 days. Imagine the damage dozens of rats can do to your Allen, TX home. From shredded furniture to fecal matter left everywhere, you need to hire a licensed and bonded team of animal removal contractors to catch rats.

How to Catch Rats Humanely

Our first reaction to seeing a family of rats scamper across the kitchen floor resembles what you see in films and televisions shows. We emit a loud shriek and find a chair or table to stand on. Well, maybe we do not act like that, but we do understand the seriousness of a rat infestation. Our first reaction might be to hire an animal removal contractor that traps and kills every rat in the house. At Brinker Animal Removal, we follow humane rodent trapping practices to get rid of the animals quickly, without harming them in the process. We use food bait to lure rats into spacious cages. After we catch a family of rats, we transport the family back into its natural habitat.

Do Not Let Rodents Get the Best of You

You have invested a lot of money into your home. This is why you cannot hesitate in hiring the team of rodent removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal. We bring more than 35 years of experience to the table, which ensures you take back your home from rodents without breaking the home improvement budget.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule a free rodent inspection for your Allen, Texas home.