Pest Control Services for Arlington, TX Homeowners

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Before the Internet, Brinker Animal Removal attracted new customers the old fashion way: through word of mouth advertising. As the customer recommendation above proves, we also enjoy word of mouth praise online at sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

For more than 35 years, our team of licensed and bonded critter control professionals have humanely trapped and removed a wide variety of wild animal species from Arlington, Texas homes. From catching elusive squirrels to eliminating bat roosts, Brinker Animal Removal prevents damage to area homes, as well as protects families from dangerous animal bites and diseases. We also provide pest control services that prevent future infestations. Most of the pests we deal with like to return to the scene of the crime by re-entering Arlington, TX homes.

Prolific Breeders Lead to Major Headaches

Most of the wild animals we encounter are prolific breeders. Rodents deliver multiple litters per year. Think about the consequences of one pregnant rat gaining access to the attic. One female rat is capable of delivering up to seven litters a year, with each litter bringing as many as 14 babies into the world. This means over the course of 12 months, one female rat can deliver nearly 100 newborns. With teeth that never stop growing, rodents must constantly chew on things to maintain proper size teeth. Nearly 100 rats chewing their way through an attic leads to extensive damage and possibly life threatening conditions. Rodents are known to chew through electrical wire insulation, which can cause a spark that starts a fire in the attic.

Wild Animal Proofing Arlington, Texas Homes

The first thing our team of certified contractors does after arriving to your Arlington, TX home is to perform a thorough inspection of the property. We are particularly concerned with holes and cracks that form along the roofline and foundation of your home. Our team seals every possible point of entry for large raccoons and tiny mice. We repair mortar and weather stripping, as well as fix torn screens and broken windows that we often find on basement walls.

Brinker Animal Removal also teaches clients how to eliminate indoor and outdoor food sources. You should prune bushes to get rid of any berries that provide sustenance for hungry pests. Water the forms under leaky pipes and around clogged drains should be removed and the pipes and drains immediately repaired. Inside your home, we recommend storing dry food in airtight stainless steel containers that latch shut. Place dry food high above the kitchen floor in cabinets and pantries. You should also remove fresh fruits and vegetables sitting in bowls on kitchen counters and the dining room table. Store the fresh produce where it belongs: in the bottom compartment of the refrigerator.

Preventing a Snake Infestation

Many of the emergency pest control calls we receive come from homeowners that detect the presence of snakes. Although beneficial for agricultural interests, snakes can become nuisances at best and poisonous menaces at worst. We help clients get rid of snakes by removing debris in the yard. Snakes love to find places to stay warm under thick brush and debris. You should fill holes in the yard where snakes like to slither in to ride out winter. Our team of home services experts will install fine mesh fencing that slopes at an angle to discourage snakes from entering your property.

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