Since 1982, Brinker Animal Removal has offered a wide variety of services for catching and removing raccoons from Arlington, Texas homes. Our team of licensed and bonded raccoon removal professionals understands the dangers raccoons pose for families, especially families that include young children. Raccoons possess razor sharp claws that can dice and slice their way to serious injuries. Their teeth can shred hard objects in a manner of seconds. When you have a raccoon infestation inside your Arlington, TX home, you need to take immediate action to eradicate your wild animal problem.

You need to call Brinker Animal Removal.

Our company operates on the mission of “building successful relationships with our clients by delivering the highest quality projects.” Not only do we efficiently remove raccoons from area homes, we also offer restoration services to return your home to it former pristine condition.

Raccoons: Appetite for Destruction

Raccoon can do a number on a wide variety of objects located inside your Arlington, Texas home. From gnawing through wooden support beams for gaining access to an attic to chewing through wall insulation, raccoons cause more damage to a home than the damage caused by any other invasive animal species. The worst damage is the complete destruction of the electrical system powering your appliances. Raccoons quickly make work of the insulation that surrounds electrical wires. If raccoons avoid a shocking experience tearing through electrical wire insulation, you can lose power for days at a time. When you detect the presence of a family of raccoons in the attic or basement, you must have the sense of urgency to contact Brinker Animal Removal.

No Welcome Mats for Raccoons in Arlington, TX

Although you must take quick action to remove raccoons from your home, you should also implement measures that deter the wild animals from loitering on your property. Secure every trash container with a heavy object placed on the lids. Raccoons can easily knock off garbage can lids to access all the leftovers you tossed out after a family meal. You should also cut down every branch hanging over your roof, as well as tree limbs spanning close enough to the roof for raccoons to use as jumping points.

Unlike rodents, raccoons require large holes and cracks to enter Arlington, TX homes. This means you should be able to spot every potential hole and crack a raccoon might use to enter your home. The experienced team of raccoon removal experts at Brinker Animal Removal knows how to seal large holes and cracks located around a roof and along the foundation of a home. Do it yourselfers can create temporary obstructions by placing bricks and large rocks at the most likely raccoon entrances.

Safe Removal and Relocation Techniques

Raccoons will put up vicious fights to avoid capture. This is especially true for pregnant raccoons that decide to settle in for the winter to protect their babies. The accomplished team of raccoon removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal prefers to implement safe removal and relocation techniques. We take special care to ensure pregnant raccoons find a warm indoor shelter at a licensed animal care facility. For an active family of raccoons, our relocation strategy involves driving dozens of miles into the country to find a home near a wooded area and convenient water source. Raccoons possess the innate skill of returning to the exact location where we removed the wild animals, unless we travel far away for relocation. We try to avoid using lethal methods of extraction, but sometimes, that is our only option.

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