Not many homeowners consider squirrels as part of the rodent family of invasive wild animal species in Arlington, TX. However, squirrels embody the classic characteristics of rodents. Squirrels grow razor sharp incisors on both the top and bottom sections of the jaw. The teeth never stop growing, which means like rats and mice, squirrels have to chew on objects constantly to keep their teeth at manageable sizes.

It also means that once one squirrel enters your home, everything is fair game to whittle the incisors down to the right size.

Squirrels have the power to destroy walls, support beams and worst of all, electrical wiring insulation. The rodents will go to town on paper products to create the foundation for nests that house newborns. Although not as mean as raccoons, squirrels are known to use their razor sharp teeth to bite anyone who is perceived as a threat.

When you encounter a squirrel invasion inside your Arlington, Texas home, the time has come to contact Brinker Animal Removal.

Foodborne Illnesses a Major Concern

After squirrels build nests, the next order of business involves searching for food. Unsuspecting homeowners that do not store food properly can expect a family of squirrels to enjoy a feast. Losing your food is not the bad part; the fecal matter left behind by squirrels can lead to the onset of a foodborne illness such as Salmonella, Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome, and Lymphocytic Chorio Meningitis (LCM). Rodents such as squirrels can chew through virtually anything to satisfy hunger pangs and after consuming as much as possible, squirrels drop fecal matter that can cause fever, acute diarrhea, and severe abdominal cramps. The health threat of foodborne illnesses is reason enough to contact Brinker for efficient squirrel removal in Arlington, TX.

Squirrel Prevention Methods in Arlington, TX

Because of limber joints, squirrels can enter your home through small holes or cracks. We encourage our customers to seal small holes and cracks, especially before the seasons change from autumn to winter. You should also install door sweeps and repair damaged screens near the roof and along the foundation of your home. Install screens on vents and at the opening of a chimney. Perhaps no other squirrel prevention strategy is more effective than securing every possible food source. Squirrels typically leave homes where food sources are not easily accessible. The licensed and bonded team of animal removal professionals at Brinker recommends storing firewood at least 20 feet from the closest home entrance. Rodents like to use a pile of firewood as the launching pad for gaining entry to homes. Finally, eliminate all water sources, including pooled water that accumulates below leaky pipes and on top of clogged drains.

Hire a Highly Rated Home Services Company

Customer testimonials posted on the websites created by home services companies paints a little bit of the performance picture. Online customer reviews on sites such as Yelp and Google give you a better idea about the reputation of a team of squirrel removal specialists. The best indicator about the reputation of a home services company comes from the consumer advocacy organization Better Business Bureau (BBB).

Brinker Animal Removal is not only accredited by the BBB, we have also received the highest rating of A+ from the organization. We have earned 13 positive consumer reviews, with not one review presenting any form of complaint. BBB reviews matter because unlike Yelp and Google, the BBB verifies the identity of everyone who wants to post a customer review.

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