Raccoons are nocturnal creatures and are very common around America. They often take shelter in attics, chimneys, and even live under your home. They can leave traces of their dirt and, since they are active at night, they can get very annoying and prevent you to have a good sleep at night. If this has been your problem nowadays, do not worry! Brinker Animal Removal offers raccoon removal services in Austin. We can help you with your raccoon problem may it be keeping the raccoons away or getting rid of them from your home.

Our Raccoon Removal Process

We make use of the most humane methods in our Austin raccoon removal services. Just like our other animal removal services, we follow a 3-step process. Once you have booked a schedule with our team, we will visit your home. We will inspect and determine areas where raccoons have entered and stayed.

Our team will set up traps around the area. To ensure their safety, the live traps we use are fit for each animal. After all the traps have been set up, all entry and exit points will be sealed. This will prevent the raccoons from getting access to their food source and also prevent new raccoons from entering your home. As they cannot go out and look for a food source, they will start looking inside and find themselves trapped in one of the cages.

Once the raccoon has been trapped and captured, we will take it and release it back to its natural habitat. As most of them leave their dirt in places where they’ve stayed, we will decontaminate your home to prevent the spread of diseases. The area will be completely sanitized, cleaned and restored.

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If you need help in getting rid of raccoons around your property, our raccoon removal Austin experts are here to help. Before raccoons and other wildlife can cause devastation in your property, contact Brinker Animal Removal and book an appointment.