Rats and rodents like to take shelter on places where they are highly likely to have a food source. They take shelter not just in homes but also in buildings or establishments. Keeping rats and rodents away is surely one of the problems that every property owner has to deal with. If you think rats and rodents have invaded your property, Brinker Animal Removal offers rat and rodent removal services in Austin. We can assist you in getting rid of these animals. Our professionals have all the tools required in conducting a humane and efficient method of removal.

Our Process

As rats are natural climbers, they prefer staying in high places and areas where they can climb. If there are rats or rodents in your attic, you will notice scratches, noise and even see items that have been chewed on. It can cause damage to clothing, wirings and all other components. Aside from that, rats and rodents can leave traces of their urine and feces throughout the area. This will not only cause stains and damage but can also be a health hazard. We follow a 3-step process in our Austin rat and rodent removal services. When we arrive on your property, we will look into the areas where rats and rodents may have stayed. Traps will be set up and entry points will be blocked to prevent them from entering the area or getting more food source. Once it has been trapped and captured, the area will be decontaminated using an eco-friendly and anti-microbial formula.

Let The Professionals Do Their Work

Do not harm yourself and other people by getting rid of rats and rodents on your own. Leave this kind of work to rat and rodent removal Austin professionals. With our LIFETIME guarantee, rest assured that the job will be done efficiently. Contact Brinker Animal Removal today and book an appointment with us.