Rodent Removal in Austin, TX

It starts with light scratching in the attic, which does not alarm you to the point of taking action. Then, the scratching turns into full blown gnawing and chewing, along with high-pitched chirping that means only one thing.

A family of rodents has invaded your Austin, Texas home. Don’t panic because Brinker Animal Removal is the answer to your rodent problem.

Since 1981, our team of certified animal removal professionals has helped countless Austin, TX homeowners regain control of their homes. From catching mice to trapping squirrels, our team of rodent removal experts completes projects efficiently to ensure minimal disruption of your daily routine. We also explain how to prevent future rodent infestations, with an emphasis on keeping destructive rats looking in from the outside.

Rodent Teeth Chew through Anything

You look at a rat, mouse, and squirrel and wonder how a wild animal that small can cause significant damage to your Wylie, Texas home. The answer lies with the razor sharp teeth rodents possess. From the first day of life, rodents must chew and gnaw on objects to prevent their constantly growing teeth from becoming a major problem. Rodent teeth never stop growing, even when mice, rats, and squirrels reach senior age. The incisors located in the top and bottom jaw especially require constant chewing to maintain healthy teeth. Because of the development of razor sharp teeth, rodents can chew through walls, insulation, and wooden support beams. You attic is the one area where our team of rodent removal specialists search for the damage caused by rodent teeth.

Pest Control for Hungry Rats

Rodents such as rats do not chew things to end hunger pangs. The sly rodents take off in search of food after tearing through materials in attics and basements to build nests. Searching for food typically starts in the kitchen where careless homeowners have left dry food bags open for easy access. Rats scurry throughout the house looking for easy sources of food that includes pet food bowls barely touched by Fido or the family cat. How do rats process the food consumed in your Austin, TX home?

Rats leave fecal matter everywhere, which is another way for you to detect the presence of the rodents inside your home. Wild animal fecal matter presents a potentially dangerous health hazard, as microorganisms grow and cross contamination taints other foods you have stored in the kitchen or basement. Foodborne illnesses caused by rat fecal matter include Salmonella and Lassa fever. If you need only one reason to remove rats from your Austin, Texas home, it is because the rodents pose a health threat to you and your family.

How to Get Rid of Rats

Your first instinct might be to take care of a rat problem on your own. After all, how hard could it be to get rid of tiny rodents? The answer is very hard, as rats can squeeze through the smallest of holes to hide behind walls. When you detect the presence of rats in your Austin, TX home, you need to call the animal removal company that traps and removes rodents humanely. Our team of rodent removal experts uses food bait to lure rats into spacious cages. We never use poisonous chemicals that can harm your family and other wildlife. After catching rodents, we transport the critters back into their natural habitats or in some cases, take injured rodents to animal shelters for treatment. Our humane trapping methods give us the competitive edge in providing rodent removal services.

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