Among all wildlife animals in America, squirrels are probably the most commonly seen animal living near humans. Squirrels may play a role in improving the ecosystem and are mostly cute, but they can become a nuisance as well. Because they live in close proximity to human beings, they usually take shelter and build their nests around residential and even on commercial properties. If you think squirrels are causing problems in your home or establishment, Brinker Animal Removal offers squirrel removal services in Austin.

How Our Team Can Help

Squirrels usually hide in attics or anywhere around the property where they can store food, build their nests or take shelter from the bad weather. At first, property owners may not find them a nuisance but later on, they can chew on items such as wires, cables and even scratch walls. Squirrels can also look tame and friendly but they can bite when you corner or try to capture them. Before they cause major damage and harm you or your family members, take advantage of our Austin squirrel removal services.

When we arrive in the area, we will look around your property and determine areas where squirrels stayed. We will set up traps and block all entry and exit points. Once the squirrels are captured, we will clear and decontaminate the area to get rid of traces of their dirt. Do not worry as we always follow a humane method of capturing any wildlife animal.

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Squirrel infestation does not only cause damage around your property but can also cause health risks to you and your family. Regardless if squirrels have infested your home or you just want to keep them away from your property, our squirrel removal Austin team can help you on this matter. We will trap and capture the squirrels and ensure that they will not be able to take shelter or infest your home again. Contact us and schedule an appointment with our team.