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A Pregnant Raccoon’s Journey

Although a family of mature raccoons can settle in for an extended stay inside your home, the more likely scenario involves the arrival of a pregnant raccoon. This is especially true when autumn begins to transition into winter. A pregnant raccoon living by the bank of a stream or at the hollowed out base of a large tree instinctively moves on to find shelter that will keep her babies warm and safe. A pregnant raccoon travels at night to find the optimal space to call Carrollton, TX home. She climbs up a tree to reach a branch hanging over your home. Once on the roof, the pregnant raccoon searches for a hole or crack large enough for her to gain access to the attic. The journey continues with the construction of a sturdy nest large enough to hold multiple offspring.

Dangerous Behavior Threatens Carrollton, Texas Homes

Most raccoons possess nasty dispositions when they feel threatened. You cannot risk having a threatened raccoon bite or scratch you or any member of your family. The physical danger posed by a raccoon is reason enough to contact Brinker for an efficient extraction. Even if a family of raccoons remains reclusive inside your Carrollton, Texas home, the wild animals still present a dangerous problem because of the destruction caused by the gnawing of objects.

Raccoons do not bring materials in from outdoors to build nests. They use the materials discovered in an attic or basement. After the easy to chew materials such as magazines and clothing disappear, raccoons unleash their biting fury on hard objects like support beams and wall insulation. Nothing is safe from the powerful jaws and razor sharp teeth. The worst damage caused by raccoons is the chewing through electrical wire insulation. Damage to electrical wiring can cut off power to your home or worse, start a fire.

When you hear scratching sounds in the attic or the screeching or newborn raccoons in the basement, the time has come to contact the highly rated team of raccoon removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal.

Raccoon Prevention Tips

Preventing a family of raccoons from entering your home starts by securing every trash receptacle. Even if you store your garbage bins in the basement or garage, you must snap the latches closed or if there are no latches, use a heavy object on the lid to prevent raccoons from enjoying a convenient meal. Once raccoons see how easy it is to consume food on your property, the likelihood of a raccoon invasion inside your Carrollton, TX increases dramatically. You should also seal every medium and large size hole and crack to prevent a raccoon infestation.

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