Critter Control for Carrollton, Texas Homeowners

Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has delivered the highest rated home services in Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex cities such as Carrollton, TX. Our team of animal removal professionals specializes in efficiently catching and removing rats, which can cause several problems for homeowners. Check out our enthusiastic customer reviews on sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook to learn why we have earned the reputation for quickly getting rid of rodents.

We understand the damage rodents can do to your attic and/or basement. However, we do not implement cruel trapping methods to catch rodents. Our contractors specialize in using humane methods that do not harm rodents and instead, take the critters back to their natural habitats. We do not believe in poisoning baits to complete removal projects. Not only are poisoned baits cruel, the contraptions catch rodents that can harm other animals and the members of your family.

When you want safe and humane rodent removal, turn to the experts that lead the way for trapping rats, mice, and squirrels in Carrollton, Texas.

Rodent Population Explosion inside Your Home

Rodents typically enter attics and basements for three reasons: to escape predators, to enjoy a climate controlled living space, and to deliver litters of newborns. The first two reasons mean rodent stays inside Carrollton, TX homes might last a month or two. However, for pregnant rodents living inside a home, stays can last indefinitely. Mom not only delivers babies in a warm environment, she also wants her kids to live in a safe place where predators never become an issue. Until the babies grow into self-sufficient adults, a family of rodents can live in your attic for more than a year at a time. That is, unless you contact Brinker Animal Removal to Catch rodents.

Rats are the most prolific rodent in terms of growing families. The average mother rat can deliver up to seven litters in one calendar year. Each rat litter has the potential to bring 14 babies into the world. Do the math and you quickly learn one pregnant rat can turn a lonely existence living in your attic into a large family of rats numbering nearly 100 babies and adolescents. Power in numbers has never been a more accurate saying and you need to limit the power by calling our rodent removal company.

Rat Proofing Your Carrollton, TX Home

It is one thing to remove rats efficiently; it is quite another thing to ensure the rodents never return to your home. The licensed and bonded contractors at Brinker Animal Removal make rodent prevention the second priority when we respond to a homeowner’s call for help. We start rat proofing your home by sealing every hole and crack. Rats take advantage of limber joints to squeeze through holes much smaller than their body sizes. We also make sure to replace mortar and weather stripping on each side of your Carrollton, Texas house. Homeowners should move stacks of wood located near the foundation of their homes to prevent rodents from using the wood piles as staging areas for home invasions. You should also prune bushes and shrubs to expose more hiding spaces within the vegetation.

Certified Rodent Removal Contractors

By receiving the GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation, Brinker Animal removal has raised the bar for other home service companies. GAF certification means we deliver superior animal removal services and implement transparent business practices. We never tuck hidden fees inside rodent removal contracts and we clearly explain each step of an animal removal project.

Call our office or complete the online form today to learn more about our highly rated rodent removal services.