Client testimonials help Brinker Animal Removal connect with potential clients in Carrollton, TX who have a nuisance living inside of their homes. No, we’re not talking about an in-law or a long lost sibling.

We’re talking about squirrels.

The rodents with the bushy tails appear harmless. After all, how much trouble can a wild animal cause that cannot even find the nut it stored in the ground a mere 15 minutes earlier? It turns out squirrels can cause plenty of problems for Carrollton, Texas homeowners. From chewing up an attic to leaving fecal matter all over your house, squirrels require the immediate attention of the licensed and bonded squirrel removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. As one of our clients confirms, we efficiently remove the pesky rodents from Carrollton, TX homes.

“Working with Brinker Animal Removal was a pleasure. They were prompt, professional, and I felt like I was a top priority. We are satisfied clients and would highly recommend Brinker Animal Removal for any home services need.”

Squirrels Make Themselves at Home in Your Home

When leaves fall from trees during autumn, squirrel nests become exposed for every predator to see. With their homes vulnerable for invasion, squirrels seek the refuge of attics and basements to ride out the change in seasons. With limber joints, squirrels do not require much space for gaining access to your home. Once inside, squirrels begin searching for materials to build spacious nests that provide warmth for the entire family.

The materials used to build a squirrel nest include easy to chew magazines, newspapers, and clothing. Paper products work especially well, as squirrels moisten the paper to create the foundations for their new homes. When paper and fabric sources of home construction materials disappear, squirrels use their razor sharp incisors to chew wood and plastic. Everything from wall insulation to roof support beams becomes fair game for rodents such as squirrels to destroy.

How to Keep Squirrels Outdoors in Carrollton, TX

The team of squirrel removal experts at Brinker wants our Carrollton, Texas clients to learn prevention tips for keeping the furry tail nuisances out of attics and basements. We teach clients how to cover up small holes and cracks that act as conduits between the outdoors and the warm confines of your home. You should also secure every garbage container to prevent squirrels from enjoying leftovers from the day before. Once inside your home, squirrels roam for food sources, such as a dry bag of pasta left wide open on the kitchen counter. All of your dry food should be store inside of thick plastic containers you place in tightly shut cabinets and pantries. Eliminate all sources of water around the foundation of your home by fixing leaky pipes and clearing clogged drains. Work with our team of squirrel removal specialists to learn more prevention tips that ensures your Carrolton, TX home remains rodent free.

Removing Squirrels Anytime, Anywhere

Squirrels that gain access to your home leave fecal matter that puts your family in harm’s way. Potentially life threatening foodborne pathogens cause acute abdominal distress. At the first sign of a squirrel infestation, you must contact an experienced home services contractor. The highly rated team of squirrel removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal immediately responds to emergency calls 24 hours per day. You do not get voice mail or the scheduling of an appointment to check out the problem days down the road.

We remove squirrels anytime, anywhere.

Our swift squirrel extraction method transports the rodents back into their natural habitats. To learn more about squirrel removal services in Carrollton, Texas, contact Brinker Animal Removal today.