Certified Animal Removal Contractor in Coppell, TX

When a wild animal or worse, a family of wild animals gains access to your home, you have more of a problem than simply one or more uninvited guests. You potentially have a major home repair problem waiting to unfold. Once wild animals enter your home, everything you own is fair game for gnawing, chewing, and clawing. Animal control services require a certified animal control contractor, which is what Brinker Animal Removal brings to the table.

Since 1981, our team of licensed and bonded animal trapping experts has provided GAF Certified Master Elite services for residents of Coppell, Texas. What does GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor status mean? It means Brinker Animal Removal consistently delivers superior home services for Dallas metroplex homeowners. We implement transparent business practices that include communicating with you every step of the way towards ridding your home of wild animals. We clearly break down the cost of each project, which means you never experience hidden fees.

We not only get the animal control job done, we get the animal control job done right.

Why Animals Move into Dallas, Texas Homes

You forget to secure the garbage bin lid for a trash pickup the following morning. A pregnant raccoon notices the easy to access garbage bin and goes to town stuffing her face with the dinner leftovers. You might as well have set down the welcome mat for the raccoon, as she turns her attention from the garbage bin to the large hole at the end of your roof.

Wild animals often enter Coppell, TX homes because of the need to survive a North Texas winter. Attics offer warm refuges for families of skunks, squirrels, and raccoons. Your home also offers warm comfort for the pregnant raccoon to deliver babies that eventually grow up to create more problems for you and your family. For mice and rats, it is mostly about acquiring food, like the food you leave out on the kitchen counter.

The Price of Leaving Food Out

Many of the Coppell, Texas homeowners we work with do not know their homes have added several furry residents. This leads to carelessly leaving food out in the kitchen, garage, and/or basement. Once wild animals find easy to access food, it is nearly impossible to get the animals to leave your home. If desperately hungry, wild animals such as raccoons will attack to satisfy hunger pangs. After gorging on the cereal or wild rice you left unprotected in a paper bag, wild animals leave fecal matter all over your home. Fecal matter teems with pathogens that can cause debilitating illnesses. If you detect the presence of wild animals inside your Coppell, TX home, you need to act with a sense of urgency to prevent the animals from making you and your family sick.

How Our Animal Removal Company Works

Our team of animal control specialists responds quickly to animal control requests. We meet with you initially to determine the extent of your animal infestation. Our review includes a thorough survey of your home and property. After we meet with you, our team spends a couple of days brainstorming ideas on how to extract the wild animals from your home. We sit down with you during the second consultation to present our proposal for handling the problem. You receive an itemized list of expenses for the project, as well as the dates and times we plan to be in your home. We communicate with you every day to keep you informed about our progress.

Call our office or complete the online contact form today to start the animal removal process in Coppell, Texas.