Certified Pest Control Company in Coppell, Texas

Brinker Animal Removal offers the most comprehensive pest control services for Coppell, Texas homeowners. Our team of licensed and bonded animal removal contractors humanely traps rodents and transports the critters back to their natural habitats. We design snake prevention systems that include filling holes in the backyard and installing fine meshes that even garter snakes cannot slither through. Brinker Animal Removal contractors know how to deal with a family of angry raccoons, as well as prevent skunks from turning an attic into a smelly mess.

Because of our accomplishments dating back to 1981, home services industry advocate GAF has awarded us its highly coveted Certified Master Elite Contractor designation. The honor bestowed on us by GAF means Brinker Animal Removal has established a record of completing efficient and affordable animal removal projects for Coppell, TX homeowners. GAF also recognized us for implementing transparent business practices, such as clearly communicating with clients and never adding hidden fees within pest control contracts.

Pest Proofing Coppell, TX Homes

Every wild animal species we deal with brings unique attributes to the table. However, most of the pests we deal with have one goal in mind: to enter your home. From scavenging for food to finding a warm place during winter, wild animals that call Coppell, Texas home can pose threats to you and your family. Foodborne illnesses and bites that trigger rabies are reasons enough to contact Brinker Animal Removal for pest proofing your home.

Our strategy for animal proofing your Coppell, Texas home starts outside. Most wild animals like to exhaust all food and water sources in the backyard, before taking the risk of being caught inside your house. We encourage you to move wood piles used for the fireplace to the garage or basement. Wild animals like skunks and possums hide in thick brush and stacked high woodpiles until the time is right to make the move to the attic or basement. You should keep garbage bins in the garage or basement as well. Raccoons are notorious for knocking over full trash bins to snack on dinner leftovers.

How to Prevent a Skunk Infestation

Known for emitting a foul odor, skunks are also destructive pests that prefer to do most of their damage outside. We often build sturdy mesh fences along property lines not only to prevent a skunk invasion, but also discourage invasive species like possums and raccoons. You should pick up nuts and fruit that fall from trees located on your property, as well as trim bushes that produce berries. Brinker Animal Removal applies a topical lawn application that kills the types of food skunks love to eat. Since skunks prefer to move into dens established by other species of wildlife, we recommend filling in wild animal dens with dirt long before it is time for wild animals to seek shelter during winter.

Efficient Two-Step Planning Process

The team of GAF certified contractors at Brinker Animal Removal has created a simple two-step planning process for Coppell, TX homeowners. First, we determine the extent of your pest control problem by performing a thorough inspection. We then sit down with you to discuss what we found and our preliminary thoughts about trapping and removing the critters on your property. The second step involves our team of contractors brainstorming ideas for a couple of days. After we devise a strategy, we return to your home to present our proposal. We answer every one of your questions to ensure you enjoy the peace of mind knowing we will eliminate the wild animal infestation.

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