Get Rid of Rats and Rodents in Coppell, TX

When you need to get rid of rat or rodents in Coppell, Texas, you cannot afford to hire the second best home services company. Controlling, trapping, and removing critters does not involve handing out a silver medal for second place. You want the best rat and rodent removal contractor in the greater Dallas metroplex.

You want Brinker Animal Removal.

Since 1981, our team of licensed and bonded animal removal professionals have given Coppell, TX homeowners the peace of mind knowing rodents cannot gain access to their homes. That’s right, we implement strategies that not only trap and remove rodents, but also prevent the pests from returning to the scene of a home invasion crime. Check out our customer testimonials to discover why Brinker is considered the best critter control company in the region.

What You Need to Know about Critter Control

The million dollar question is how to remove rodents from the attic. Before we answer the question, our team of rodent removal experts would like to educate our clients about some common traits shared by rodents. The wild animals have limber joints that allow them to squeeze through holes and cracks that are much larger than their body frames. Because of the agility demonstrated by rodents, we seal every hole and crack no matter how small the opening.

After entering your home, rodents immediately begin building large nests, which requires the chewing of clothing and newspapers. When the easy to chew materials run out, rodents turn to wooden support beams and electrical wiring insulation to finish building nests. After all the hard work, hungry rodents start on a quest to find food and water. Any unsecured food in the kitchen and/or basement is fair game for famished rodents. Large pools of water that form on and around clogged drains provide excellent sources of water for thirsty rodents.

Rat Removal Contractor for Coppell, Texas Homeowners

Squirrels tend to live in attics, while mice and rats find cozy spaces behind the walls in any room of your Coppell, Texas home. The new homes are typically located at ground level, which means rats can quickly find the kitchen in the search for food. When you discover one rat, you can bet many more lurk behind one of the walls. You cannot risk the health of you and your family by stalling for time and hoping the rats simply disappear. Rats that gain access to food leave behind fecal matter that contains potentially dangerous pathogens. Illnesses such as Salmonella can cause you to visit the nearest emergency room. Health risk alone is the only reason you need to contact Brinker Animal Removal. Squirrels temporarily live in attics to ride out winter. However, rats like to create a permanent residence inside your home. Once rats find food and shelter, they are set for a prolonged stay.

Highly Rated Animal Removal Contractor

How to remove rodents from an attic or a wall requires the professional expertise of a team of highly rated animal removal contractors. Customer reviews give our clients the confidence to contact us for scheduling an initial meeting. However, it is the accreditation the Better Business Bureau (BBB) gives our home services company that separates us from the rest of the competition. The BBB also has awarded us the coveted A+ rating, which comes with not one negative review submitted to the consumer advocacy organization’s website. BBB reviews carry the most credibility, as the BBB carefully vets every review to ensure author authenticity.

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