Efficient Animal Removal Services In Dallas, TX

Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has offered superior home services for residents living throughout the entire Dallas, Texas metroplex. Our team of licensed and bonded animal removal professionals handle rat infestations, as well as serve marching papers to a family of raccoons living in a Dallas, TX attic. We understand the implications of detecting the presence of wild animals not only inside your Dallas home, but also anywhere on your property. We offer one service that other home services companies rarely offer.

We immediately respond to customer emergency calls 24 hours per day, seven days a week. While the competition sleeps or takes in a nighttime movie, our team of dedicated animal removal experts makes sure you receive the peace of mind that wild animals do not live in your Dallas, Texas home.

Where Do Wild Animals Hide?

Wild animals share one common characteristic: They prefer not to have contact with us. Some of the avoidance factor revolves around fear of humans, but in many cases, wild animals do not want to jeopardize their hiding places. This begs the question: Where do wild animals hide? There is not a consistent answer to the question. For example, vegetable chewing rabbits rarely venture inside Dallas metroplex homes. The varmints like living in thick brush or bushes near easily to obtain food sources. On the other hand, once mice and rats enter a home, it takes plenty of hard work to rid your home of the pests. Squirrels and raccoons like to nest in the attic, where warmth rises and it is difficult to notice the presence of the wild animals.

The key is to know where wild animals hide and after removing the nuisances, implementing strategies that ensure our team of animal removal specialists seals all entry points.

Damage Alert: Rats and Rodents are the Worst

The wild animals barely span the width of your hand, but rodents are the worst wild animals to have roaming around inside your Dallas, Texas home. Mice, rats, and squirrels possess limber bodies that fit through holes and cracks much smaller than their body frames. Once inside, your home turns into an Alamo like siege.

Mice and rats possess teeth that never stop growing. To prevent rampant growth, the rodents must constantly gnaw on hard objects, such as plastic containers and wooden support beams. Squirrels like to chew stuff up as well, which means you have to contact our animal removal team to prevent damage to your home. Skunks and raccoons can also do a number on your home, but both wild animals use attics and basements for temporary shelters to ride out the winter or bring several kids into the world.

Humane Trapping in the Dallas Metroplex

The presence of wild animals inside your Dallas, Texas home does not mean you have to panic and try to kill the animals with poisons or by using violent tactics. In fact, poisons place you and your family at risk of suffering severe health consequences. Our answer to your wild animal problem is to lure wild animals into large enough cages where they can comfortably move around. We then transport our furry captives to the appropriate locations. We contact pet stores about taking in mice and rats, and we relocate squirrels and raccoons far away from your home. Raccoons can be especially bothersome to relocate, as the bandit looking creatures have the ability to retrace their steps and return to your home.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule an initial meeting that discusses all your animal removal options in Dallas, TX.