Getting Rid of Mice in Dallas, TX

The small rodents look benign running on a wheel placed in a glass cage. However, mice present several issues for Dallas, Texas homeowners that require the immediate attention of a certified animal removal company. From damage caused by chewing and clawing to harmful foodborne pathogens, mice require immediate attention from an experienced team of professional contractors.

Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has set the high quality standard in Dallas suburbs such as Allen, Frisco, Plano, and Rockwall. Our team of licensed and bonded contractors performs thorough home inspections to detect the presence of mice in attics and basements, as well as behind walls in the dining and living rooms. Because of their small size, mice are the most difficult wild animal to detect. The rodents possess limber joints, which allows them to squeeze through holes and cracks that are much smaller than their body sizes. Brinker Animal Removal discovers where mice nest and we then implement humane measures to trap and remove the rodents.

Our record of accomplishment is impressive enough for the home services industry experts at GAF to award us its Certified Master Elite Contractor designation. GAF is selective in determining which home services companies deserve the highly coveted certification. By providing superior client service and operating our business by using transparent practices, we have earned the GAF certification. When you see the GAF certification sticker on our trucks, you know you have hired the best mice removal company in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex.

Mice Have an Appetite for Destruction

Like other species of rodents such as rats and squirrels, mice are plagued with incisors that never stop growing. To combat the genetic disorder, mice must constantly chew and gnaw on objects to maintain the proper teeth size. This means whenever a family of mice enters your home, any object in the clan’s path is fair game to destroy. Mice also chew on objects to build nests in attics and basements. The rodents start the destruction by chewing soft objects, including clothing newspapers, and magazines.

When the soft stuff runs out, mice turn their attention to hard objects like wooden support beams and the insulation covering electrical wires. With enough time and mouse power, a team of mice can severely compromise the structural integrity of the wooden support beams that stabilize the roof. Mice also expose electrical wires, which can cause a power outage or worse, spark a fire the quickly spreads through wall insulation. Considerable financial loses and the potential of putting your family in harm’s way are reasons enough to contact Brinker Animal Removal for efficient mice removal.

Hungry Mice Leave Behind Harmful Diseases

Mice enter Dallas, TX homes for three reasons: to find food sources, to enjoy warm shelter during winter, and to deliver a litter of babies. After building large nests, mice begin the search for food throughout the house. Fruits and vegetable left in bowls on a kitchen counter and or a dining room table is easy pickings for a pack of mice. The rodents also like to dive into dry food bags and scamper into pantries to find grains and pasta. After consuming your food, mice have to dispose of the remnants and that means urine and fecal matter spread throughout your home.

Urine and fecal matter contain potentially deadly pathogens that can trigger the onset of foodborne illnesses. Most of the illnesses cause diarrhea, high fever, and incredibly painful stomach cramps. The elderly and young children are especially vulnerable to foodborne illnesses such as Salmonella and Lassa fever. Symptoms can get bad enough to require emergency care at the nearest hospital. Mice place you and your family in serious jeopardy of contracting life threatening illnesses. Health concerns alone are reason enough to hire Brinker Animal Removal to catch mice in your Dallas, Texas home.

Mice Proofing Your Dallas, Texas Home

Brinker Animal Removal receives high marks for efficiently trapping and removing mice. We also help homeowners prevent future mice infestations by implementing several strategies. Since mice can squeeze through just about any size hole and crack, we seal every hole and crack we find along the roofline and around the foundation of your home. Our team of rodent removal experts repairs damaged mortar and weather stripping to discourage mice from attempting home invasions. We recommend storing wood piles at least 20 feet away from the nearest side of the home to prevent mice from using the protection offered by stacked wood to create a staging area for an infestation.

You should store all dry food inside airtight stainless steel containers and place the containers high above the floor in tightly shut cabinets and pantries. Store fresh produce where it belongs in the bottom compartment of the refrigerator. Remove pet food bags from the floor and either place the bags inside a closet or a tough to open plastic storage unit. Mice also need water for nourishment. Brinker Animal Removal fixes leaky pipes and clears clogged drains to prevent mice from lapping up water sources inside your home.

Trapping Mice Using Human Methods

You might have heard about how many home services companies use lethal methods to remove wild animals from Dallas, TX homes. Lethal can mean gassing or poisoning mice. Killing wild animals certainly eliminates an infestation, but poisons put your family in danger of ingesting chemicals that can send one or more family members to the emergency room. Not only does gas cause unhealthy symptoms, using gas often forces mice to endure several agonizing minutes of excruciating pain before death arrives. We have a much more humane way of trapping mice.

Our team of mice removal specialists sets large cages near where mice have built nests or frequent specific areas of the home. Inside the cages, we attach food bait located near the entrance to lure mice into a temporary home that offers plenty of space to move around. All we have to do after catching mice in spacious cages is to transport the critters back into their natural habitats, preferably far away from your home. Any injured or malnourished mice we discover go directly to an animal hospital for treatment by a veterinarian.

Highly Rated Mice Trapping Contractor

Brinker Animal Removal encourages prospective clients to read the reviews left on Yelp, Google, and Facebook that describe our commitment to excellence. You will find a common theme in the reviews, which is how we provide personal client service that helps Dallas, Texas homeowners regain control of their houses. We recruit friendly home services professional that focus on taking care of your concerns.

While other home services contractors set the alarm for a next morning wake up call, our team of contractors is ready to respond to emergency phone calls from clients 24 hours per day, seven days a week. A mice infestation can go undetected for days, if not weeks. This means mice have a head start in destroying the attic and/or basement. Our emergency animal removal services quickly catch and remove mice to prevent additional damage. With a sense of urgency, we efficiently remove mice and make sure to implement measures that prevent future invasions.

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