Superior Rodent Control Services in Dallas, TX

Your home is your castle, or so the saying goes. When your castle is overrun by mice, rats, or squirrels, you need to hire the most accomplished team of licensed and bonded rodent removal professionals in Dallas, Texas. Since 1981, we have helped countless Dallas metroplex homeowners trap, control, and remove pesky rodents. The moment you detect the presence of mice, rats, and/or squirrels living in your home, you need to take swift action.

The price of inaction can cost thousands of dollars.

Rodents are destructive pests that chew and gnaw on anything they find in an attic or basement. The incisors rodents use to chew never stop growing, which means the wild animals must constantly use their teeth to gnaw on objects to stunt tooth growth. Rodents also bite and rip apart soft materials, such as clothing and newspapers, to build spacious nests for the entire family.

Removing Rats from Dallas, Texas Homes

Our team of rodent control experts immediately responds to Dallas, TX homeowner calls. Whether you need mice and rats removed during the middle of the day or squirrels trapped and removed deep into the night, we make your call priority number one. Our 24 hours per day emergency response team works with an unsurpassed sense of urgency.

We meet with you to learn more about the rodent infestation, before we survey your home and property. Our team of rodent removal specialists then spends a couple of days brainstorming ideas to determine the most effective strategy for taking care of your rat, mice, and/or squirrel problem. During the second visit to your home, we present our plan for efficient rodent removal, as well as an itemized list of expenses that ensures you remain within your home services budget.

How to Prevent a Rodent Invasion

The final part of our rodent removal plan involves explaining how you can prevent another infestation. We recommend you seal holes and cracks along the roof and around the foundation of your home. Rodents possess limber joints to help them squeeze through holes and cracks that are much smaller than their body frames. You should also store all dry food in tightly closed plastic containers placed within tightly closed cabinets. Rodents make quick work of dry food left on the floor in easy to rip paper bags. You should install door sweeps and repair any openings found in door and window screens. Ventilate damp areas of your home to eliminate the water sources rodents need to survive. Pay special attention to leaky water  pipes and clogged water drains that pool large amounts of water.

Experienced Rodent Trapping Professionals

How does our team of experienced rodent removal professionals eliminate you pest problem? We prefer not to use lethal methods of extracting mice, rats, and squirrels. Our humane rodent trapping method uses spacious baited cages that ensure rodents do not suffer undue pain. After trapping a family of squirrels, we take the cage miles away from you home to prevent the bushy tailed wild animals from returning to the scene of the crime. Unlike raccoons, most squirrels do not have the ability to retrace their steps to your attic or basement. For mice and rats, we take the rodents to pet stores to find the best homes. Remember that by using poisons to rid your Dallas, Texas home of rodents, you place you and your family in harm’s way. Children are especially vulnerable to the toxic chemicals used to make rodent poisons.

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