How to Get Rid of Snakes in Dallas, TX

Snakes are beneficial to homeowners for one important reason: the reptiles hunt wild animals that destroy attics and basements, as well as pose health threats because of the carrying of dangerous bacteria. If you have developed a garden, you understand snakes are often what lie between critters like raccoons and your robust vegetables. However, snakes also pose problems for Dallas, Texas homeowner, especially snakes that have decided to raise a family on your property.

When you detect the presence of snakes on your property, you should call a company that has established years of providing critter control services for homeowners living in communities such as Arlington, Flower Mound, McKinney, and Plano. Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has delivered on the promise to remove wild animals efficiently from Dallas-Fort Worth, TX homes. By using the latest equipment and technology, our team of licensed and bonded home services professionals will eliminate your snake problem and make sure to prevent future invasions.

Snakes Behavior in Central Texas

As cold blooded critters, snakes thrive in the warmth of central Texas. Because of the long growing season, snakes can live above ground for several months out of the year. The stealthy reptiles typically find places to nest during winter under porches and inside garages. Because of their aversion to humans, snakes make it a point to avoid contact by living in secluded areas on your property. However, when the temperature climbs into the nineties, snakes come out in droves to bask under the blazing central Texas sun.

With the exception of rattlesnakes, snakes do not alert humans to their presence in the wild. You can come across a snake by simply walking across the lawn. When snakes feel threatened, the reptiles bite deep into the skin. A non-poisonous snake bite can lead to a serious infection that requires emergency care. A bite from a poisonous snake requires immediate medical care to extract the poison and heal the wound. The Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex is home to several poisonous snake species. In addition to rattlesnakes, you might encounter copperheads, coral snakes, or water moccasins. Coral snakes inject the most potent venom and if left untreated for just 10 minutes, a coral snake bite can lead to respiratory failure.

Snake Proofing Your Dallas, Texas Property

If Brinker Animal Removal was to coin a snake prevention slogan, it would be “If your yard is full of debris, snakes are what you can expect to see.” Snakes love hiding in secluded spaces, such as thick brush and burrowed out logs. During the colder months of the year, snakes move into the ground where naturally or animal made caverns provide shelters. Our team of snake removal professionals prevents snake infestations by removing debris from your yard. We recommend you trim bushes and shrubs to eliminate thick vegetation. As far as holes in the ground, a shovel and a mound of dirt is all you need to put the “No Vacancy” sign up for snakes.

Brinker Animal Removal will also install an exclusion barrier such as a stainless steel screen to prevent snakes from slithering onto your property. We put up fine mesh fences sloping at a 30-degree angle to discourage snakes from entering Dallas, TX homeowner properties. Although snakes try to avoid humans, you might find one of the reptiles living in the garage or basement. We encourage homeowners to seal every size hole and crack to prevent snakes from gaining access to shelter for the colder months of the year.

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