You don’t see it coming.

As nocturnal wild animals, raccoons typically enter homes at night. The reasons for raccoon relocations vary, but the primary reason is the decision made by a pregnant raccoon to seek food and shelter for safely delivering a litter of baby raccoons. If the weather becomes too harsh during a Flower-Mound, Texas winter, a family of raccoons might decide to ride the winter out inside your home.

Regardless of why raccoons leave their natural outdoor habitats for attics and basements, the important thing for Flower-Mound, TX homeowners to remember is to leave raccoon removal to the expert team of licensed and bonded professionals at Brinker Removal. We bring more than 35 years of home services experience to the table, as well as a sparkling record of efficiently removing wild animals from Dallas metroplex houses.

When your home is invaded by raccoons, turn to the contractor Flower-Mound, Texas homeowners trust the most: Brinker Animal Removal.

Raccoons Pose a Dangerous Threat to Your Family

Raccoons can turn aggressive, especially pregnant raccoons that instinctively defend their young offspring. Trying to remove raccoons yourself can leave you vulnerable to an attack that sends you to the hospital. Raccoon claws and teeth are razor sharp weapons that can cause deep wounds requiring emergency surgery. A raccoon bite not only leaves a lifetime scar, it also can cause rabies. The painful shots administered to combat rabies is reason enough to avoid raccoons at all costs.

When raccoons finish building nests to create temporary homes, they start searching for food. After consuming whatever you conveniently leave open, it’s only a matter of time before raccoons leave feces on the kitchen and basement floors. The growth of pathogens leads to contracting debilitating foodborne illnesses such as salmonella. Foodborne illness symptoms include high fever and acute abdominal pain.


Preventing Raccoons from Entering Flower-Mound, Texas Homes

The team of accomplished raccoon removal specialists at Brinker does much more than rid your Flower-Mound, TX home of aggressive raccoons. We also explain how to prevent the wild animals from gaining access to the attic or basement. You have to secure every trash receptacle, as raccoons love to forage through garbage for today’s leftovers. We recommend storing garbage containers inside of a locked garage or basement. When trash day arrives, make sure to weigh down the bin lids to prevent raccoons from dumpster diving. Our team of raccoon removal experts also examines the perimeter of your home to determine if there are any possible entrance points for raccoons to move through. Raccoons require medium to large size holes and cracks to enter houses. If we see any possible entrance points, we immediately implement steps to seal the holes and cracks. Another way to prevent raccoons from gaining access to your Flower-Mound, Texas home is to stack firewood at least 20 feet from your home. Like rodents, raccoons use firewood stacks as launching pads for home invasions.


The Successful Brinker Raccoon Removal Process

Removing raccoons from your home requires a thorough analysis that we perform during the initial meeting. We meet with you to discover the extent of your problem, and then we visit the area of your home where you think raccoons have set up camp. We also look for ways to prevent further intrusions. We spend the next few days developing our unique plan to address a raccoon infestation. During the second consultation held at your home, we present our plan, including how we will handle your raccoon problem and how much you can expect to pay for the peace of mind knowing your home is no longer providing food and shelter for a family of raccoons.


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