Leaves fall from the trees around the Dallas metroplex, and you notice large nests exposed by the pending arrival of Old Man Winter. You wonder how the squirrels make it through about four months of having their whereabouts known by predators.

The answer is many squirrels vacate their outdoor homes for the warmth and security of Flower-Mound, Texas homes.

When you hear the pitter patter of squirrel feet running amok in your attic, the time has come to hire the licensed and bonded squirrel removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. Since 1981, we have delivered superior squirrel removal services that involve quick extractions, at a price our clients can afford. In many cases, it costs more not to do anything, as like their rodent counterparts mice and rats, squirrels can cause massive destruction of your home.

Home Sweet Home Means Attic Destruction

Why do squirrels find attics to be the ideal locations to ride out winter? The answer is attics offer convenient homes, since all squirrels have to do is jump from a tree branch onto the roof. Because of limber joints, rodents do not require large holes and cracks to enter Flower-Mound, TX homes. They simply find a small opening along the roof to squeeze through and gain access to your attic.

The rodents prefer to bring home construction supplies from outdoors, but often the materials are not available. Magazines, newspapers, and clothing all provide squirrels with easy to chew home building materials. However, when the easy stuff runs out, squirrels turn their attention to wall insulation and support beams. Rodents sport razor sharp incisors which means mowing through wood and plastic is not a problem for squirrels. Flower-Mound, Texas homeowners should be especially worried about squirrels chewing through electrical wire insulation.

One Pregnant Squirrel Equals Hungry Babies

Pregnant squirrels do not typically deliver as many babies as the number of babies delivered by rats and mice. However, up to seven squirrel babies compounds an already destructive environment. Think about the work mom has to put in just to feed her offspring. With outdoor food sources dwindling or gone, mother squirrels must focus on what is stored downstairs in the kitchen and basement. Squirrels make short work of dry food bags and boxes, as well as any pet food left in a bowl. Flower-Mound, TX homeowners should store dry food in thick plastic containers placed in tightly shut cabinets and pantries. You should also ensure all potential water sources remain dry, such as preventing clogged drains and leaky water pipes. Avoid storing any dry food in the basement, as squirrels can easily enter the lowest level of your home through a hole or crack in the home foundation.

Contact the Squirrel Removal Leader in Flower-Mound, Texas

When you discover the presence of squirrels inside of your home, you must immediately contact Brinker Animal Removal. Even if you find out about squirrels living in your attic in the middle of the night, our team of experienced squirrel removal experts responds to emergency calls 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Waiting to contact us after the sun rises the next morning makes you and your family vulnerable to the foodborne pathogens that cause numerous types severe illnesses. Like other wild animals, squirrels leave their fecal matter whenever it’s time to go.

Our certified squirrel removal specialists keep you informed during every step of the squirrel removal project. We carefully create an efficient plan that eliminates squirrels, which helps you return to your daily routine.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule an initial meeting to discuss squirrel removal services in Flower-Mound, Texas.