What does transparency mean for a Fort Worth, Texas animal removal service? It means clearly communicating with homeowners about the steps required to complete a project. For example, Brinker Animal Removal never adds hidden fees within a home services contract. When we say how and when we will remove raccoons from your home, we follow exactly what we told you. You never receive a bill that reminds you of the sticker shock experienced at some car dealerships.

Transparency has helped Brinker Animal Removal receive two United States home services certifications. Our team of licensed and bonded animal removal professionals are GAF Certified Master Elite contractors, as well as HAAG certified contractors. Both organizations reward transparency, as well as the number of years a contractor has provided high quality home services.

Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has led the way in helping Fort Worth, TX homeowners remove feisty raccoons.

All in the Raccoon Family

A full grown family of raccoons prefers to live outdoors, preferably in a dense wooded area near abundant food and water sources. Pregnant raccoons would rather deliver their babies outdoors, but the threat from predators and the chilly weather prompt mama raccoons to search for a cozy and warm spot in a Fort Worth, Texas home. Pregnant raccoons arrive well before the size of the belly makes it difficult to squeeze through holes and cracks.

Most pregnant raccoons like to hunker down for the winter in an attic. Heat rises to the top and that keeps the infants comfortably warm. Also, an attic offers plenty of protection against invaders. After giving birth, mother raccoons like to leave the nest in search of food outdoors. However, if the weather does not cooperate, mother raccoons are known to search for food inside of homes. Baby raccoons take about three months to grow large enough to fend for themselves, although mother raccoons have to spend some time showing their offspring the ropes. Only after a mother raccoon releases her kids into the wild do a family of raccoons vacates their winter homes.

Protect Your Fort Worth, Texas Home

Brinker Animal Removal delivers efficient raccoon removal services for Fort Worth, TX homeowners. We also like to teach homeowners how to protect their homes from raccoon invasions. The first step is to seal every medium to large size holes and cracks along the side of your home, as well as on the roof and at the foundation. Raccoons do not possess the same limber joints that allow rodents to squeeze through seemingly impossible to pass through holes. Raccoons require large holes to enter homes. We recommend our clients place garbage cans in a locked place such as a garage. If you need to leave a trash receptacle outside overnight for a morning pick up, you should secure the lid by placing a heavy object over it. The primary reason why raccoons choose certain homes to invade is because of the powerful scent emitted by trash cans.

Let’s Do the Texas Two Step

As we said, transparency is the professional calling card of Brinker Animal Removal. We schedule an initial meeting where we learn more about your raccoon problem. After our discussion, a couple of our animal removal experts will tour hour home and property to find the critters, which gives us a good idea on how to remove the nuisances. After a few days brainstorming at the office, we schedule a second consultation where we present our raccoon removal proposal. The proposal details the steps we plan to implement, as well as what you can expect to pay for raccoon removal services.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to relocate raccoons from your home.