Affordable Rodent Removal in Fort Worth, TX

The sounds you hear in the attic at night or behind one of the walls in the kitchen sets off the internal alarm. Have rodents taken over your Fort Worth, Texas home? Rodents relocate inside of homes for three reasons. Although the Dallas metro area does no typically see harsh winters, the temperature falls enough to send rats, mice, and squirrels into a new home search frenzy. Rodents also move into homes for winter to prevent predators from enjoying easy to catch meals. As vegetation withers, rodent homes become exposed for all predators to see.

The third reason for rodent infestations is one that should concern Fort Worth, TX homeowners. Pregnant rodents need a safe and warm place to deliver litters and by litters, which means multiple deliveries of newborns per year. For example, pregnant rats have the capability to deliver up to seven litters every 365 days. What was once a lone pregnant rat has turned into an army of baby rats. The large family of rodents will not leave your home until the babies grow into adults, which means the time has come to hire Brinker Animal Removal.

Rats in Attic Means Trouble for Fort Worth, Texas Homeowners

Because of the rapid growth of a rat family, the small critters can cause considerable damage in the attic of your Fort Worth, Texas home. After squeezing through a small hole or crack, a pregnant rat goes on a mission to build a nest that is large enough for its offspring. Rats typically search for soft materials to chew for building nests, which include clothing, newspapers, and magazine. After the soft materials disappear, harder objects like wooden support beams and the insulation covering electrical wires become fair game. Rats do not care about the damage caused by ripping apart wiring and weakening the structure of attics. The rodents simply care about building new homes for the entire family.

When you have rats in the attic, reach out to the licensed and bonded team of rodent removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal.

Pest Removal Starts with Prevention

When you hire an animal removal contractor, you want a team of professionals that quickly removes rats from your home. You also want a company that shows you how to prevent rats from returning to your home to stage an invasion. After catching and transporting rats back to their natural habitats, we take steps to make your home rat proof. The first step involves sealing every hole and crack located at the roofline and around the foundation of your house. You should replace broken windows, as well as repair cracked mortar and weather stripping. A limber joint structure allows the rodents to crawl through holes and cracks that are much smaller than their body sizes. Seal every hole and crack and you are on your way to completing a successful rat proofing project.

Affordable Rat Removal Services

How does Brinker Construction provide affordable rat removal services? Delivering rodent removal services efficiently is our motto, and it all starts by streamlining the planning process to ensure we get started on rat removal projects as soon as possible. We offer a free home inspection to determine the extent of your rat infestation problem. The initial meeting includes discussing various ways to eliminate rats from your home. We then spend a day or two devising a strategy to meet your unique needs. During the second meeting we have with you, our team of animal removal contractors proposes a plan, including the timeline for the project and a detailed breakdown of the costs.

Call our office or complete the online form to schedule a free inspection for your Fort Worth, TX home.