Fort Worth, TX homeowners hear about how home services companies give back to the community. What exactly does that mean?

Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has played in important role in strengthening the neighborly bonds that connect people in Dallas metroplex cities such as Fort Worth, Texas. We go beyond providing the best home services by getting involved with community events. When you need an animal removal contractor to rid your home of pesky squirrels, you want to work with a company that gives back to the customers who come back time and again for home services.

Squirrels Present Several Problems

Are the rodents with the bushy tails a true menace to Fort Worth, TX homeowners? The answer is a resounding yes. Although squirrels do not pose as much as a biting or scratching health risk as rats or mice, you still have to be concerned about the voracious eaters tainting the food you store in cabinets. As a notorious skilled climber, a squirrel can quickly travel up the side of a wooden cabinet to reach food that is easy to access because someone forgot to close the cabinet door. From chewing through a box of cereal to gnawing into a bag of rice, squirrels have no problem eating whatever you leave out for the large rodents.

With a full squirrel comes the deposit of fecal matter all over your home. As with mice and rats, squirrels taint food with a microorganism that causes salmonella. The illness can cause severe abdominal cramps and super high fevers. Squirrels also carry other infectious microorganisms that put you and your family in harm’s way. Whenever you see or hear the signs of a squirrel infestation, the time has come to call the licensed and bonded squirrel removal experts at Brinker Animal Removal.

Brinker Animal Removal Knows the Signs of a Squirrel Infestation

When you need confirmation that pesky squirrels have entered your Fort Worth, Texas home, the animal removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal will discover signs confirming your hunch. We listen for jumping and scampering sounds, especially in attics consisting of some type of wood. Scratching is another noise that confirms the presence not only of squirrels, but also other types of rodents. After hearing evidence of a squirrel invasion, we then search for droppings in the kitchen and the area where we heard the squirrel noises. Squirrel fecal matter appears similar to what bats leave behind, which means you need to contact our team of squirrel removal specialists to determine the animal culprit.

Although their chewing ability ranks up there with rats and raccoons, squirrels use a different approach to gain entrance into Fort Worth, Texas homes. Squirrels climb trees and use the branches as launching points to land on roofs. From there, squirrels search for small holes and cracks that they can sneak through into the attic or under the roof. If you detect damage along fascia boards or notice shingle damage, give us a call immediately to address the squirrel invasion.

Squirrel Footprints Inside of Fort Worth, TX Homes

The first sign of squirrel footprints appear in muddy patches and snow covering your property. However, discovering squirrel footprints outside does not mean the rodents have entered your home. You need to enlist the help of the home services pros at Brinker Animal Removal to look for squirrel footprints inside of your home. Squirrel front paws contain four fingers and measure slightly shorter than the five fingers attached to the hind paws. We take our search to the attic and basement to look for areas where dust has accumulated or moisture has dampened wood enough to leave visible evidence of squirrel paw prints.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to relocate squirrels from your home to a natural habitat located dozens of miles away.