If Better Business Bureau (BBB) reviews were a baseball game, Brinker Animal Removal would be pitching a shutout. We have received 13 positive reviews and not one negative review on the consumer advocacy website. BBB reviews matter, as only reviews submitted by confirmed consumers appear on the website. The BBB has also awarded our team of licensed and bonded rodent removal company with its highest rating of A+. Some of the factors that determine our stellar rating include the number of years we have operated in Frisco, Texas and our reputation for implementing transparent business practices.

Searching for Rodent Nests

With the dedication and expertise of a seasoned CSI, our team of rodent removal specialists looks for evidence indicating a rodent has built a nest. We examine uncovered old magazines and newspapers, as well as clothing stored in attics and basements. Rodents chew the materials into a wet paste that forms a soft, cozy nest for more than just one rodent.

The most compelling reason why rodents invade homes is to provide a quiet and safe place to raise rodent babies. Mother rodents build large nests to house several newborns born in more than one litter per year. This means one pregnant mouse can deliver dozens of babies throughout the year, which means your rodent problem is more than one rat or mouse chewing through insulation and electrical wiring.

You rodent problem involves a horde of mice, rats, or squirrels chewing everything in sight.

The Price of Doing Nothing in Frisco, Texas

We warn our good friends in Frisco, TX that doing nothing to remove rodents comes with a steep price. In addition to the home repair costs you incur because of damage caused by rodent chewing, gnawing, and scratching, you also have to deal with the serious health risks presented by rodent droppings. Salmonella can put vulnerable family members in serious medical conditions because rodent droppings taint exposed food and water.

You also have to worry about the health consequences of rodent bites, especially bites inflicted by rats and mice. The sharp teeth can cut deep within the skin to infect blood and tissues. Although rodent bites are treatable, the form of treatment typically is the administration of highly painful tetanus shots.

When a rodent has entered your home, the time has come to contact the rodent removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal.

Turn to Brinker Animal Removal for Rodent Removal Services

When you turn to Brinker Animal Removal for Rodent Removal services in Frisco, Texas, you have chosen a home services company that does much more than eliminate your rodent infestation problem. We also educate our customers on how to prevent another rodent invasion by implementing a few easy tips.

You should ensure the darker areas of your home, such as the attic and basement, remain ventilated to create dry conditions. Moist areas around leaky pipes and clogged drains represent prime water sources for thirsty rodents. Rodents search for damp areas of a home to find water. Long before winter, replace all of the loose mortar and weather stripping to seal small cracks and holes. Conduct regular inspections of your dry food boxes to ensure rodents have not compromised any food sources. Make sure to place firewood at least 20 feet from the nearest entrance to your home and maintain trimmed shrubs and bushes to deter squirrels from setting up shop within a few feet of your house.

If you believe one or more rodents have entered your Frisco, TX home, call our office or fill out the convenient online form today to get our help for taking care of the rodent infestation problem with a sense of urgency.