“They’ll be gone in no time.”

Raccoons that enter Garland, TX homes typically stay throughout winter. The time spent inside of a home for a mother and her newborns can last up to six months. Although raccoons prefer to live in their natural habitats, harsh winter weather drives them indoors. Pregnant raccoons need to find a secluded place to deliver the babies, and an attic offers the ideal temporary home to accomplish the goal.

One or more raccoons that gain access to your home are not going anywhere for several months. This fact of life means “They’ll be gone no time” is a statement likely to doom you to up to six months of structural damage caused by biting and clawing, as well as fecal matter left behind by raccoons that dine on the food you leave open in the kitchen and the basement.

When you experience a raccoon invasion, you need to contact the licensed and bonded team of raccoon removal professionals at Brinker Animals Removal.

Pregnant Raccoons Need Home Security

Once a raccoon knows it is pregnant, the first order of business is to find an easy to access attic. Basements also work for pregnant raccoons, but the wild animal prefers the warmth and safety of an attic. Adult raccoons need larger holes to climb through than the size of the holes required by nimble rodents. The best way to gain access to an attic is through one of the roof ends. Because of sharp claws and amazing strength, raccoons are incredible climbers. It does not take much for a pregnant raccoon to scale a large tree, move along a branch, and then drop onto a roof. Homes constructed with wooden exteriors provide raccoons with the perfect climbing material. After moving into an attic, raccoons begin to build spacious nests, which offer the warmth and security required to ride out winter. The key to removing raccoons is preventing the wild animals from gaining access to Garland, Texas homes.

Raccoon Prevention Tips for Garland, TX Homeowners

One of the services our team of raccoon removal specialists delivers involves explaining to Garland, TX homeowners how to prevent the wild animals from entering attics and basements. The first step is to secure every trash receptacle. We recommend storing garbage bins in basements and garages until the night before trash collection. When you roll trash cans to the curb, do not forget to place heavy objects on the lids to discourage raccoons from feasting on delicious leftovers. Leaving a trash dumpster open is like placing a Welcome mat at the front door to invite raccoons into your home.

The second step for raccoon prevention is to seal every medium and large size hole and crack, especially along the roof and around the foundation of your home. Eliminate water sources next to your home, such as leaky water pipes and clogged drains that form substantial pools. You should also move woodpiles dozens of feet from the nearest entrance. Raccoons are known to use wood piles as launching pads for home invasions.

Thorough Planning for Raccoon Removal Services

The highly rated team of raccoon removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal quickly devises a thorough plan to eliminate your wild animal infestation problem. After gathering all the information we need at the initial meeting, we spend a couple of days creating our strategy. During the second consultation, we present our plan to you, as well as the cost of the entire project. You can rest assured that we keep you informed every step of the way towards the restoration of a raccoon free home.

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