Pest Removal Services for Garland, Texas Homeowners

For more than 35 years, Garland, TX homeowners have trusted Brinker Animal Removal to take care of rodent infestations. Our team of licensed and bonded animal removal professionals uses humane rat, mice, and squirrel trapping methods. Instead of poisoning bait traps, we add food or apply a scent to lure unsuspecting rodents into large cages. After catching rodents, we return the critters to the wild far away from your home.

Rodents like to play hide and seek, and the dedicated contractors at Brinker Animal Removal know exactly where to look to implement effective critter control solutions. We perform thorough inspections that detect every hole and crack a rodent can squeeze through to gain access to your attic or basement. We specialize in removing rodents from walls, without leaving any evidence of our work behind.

When pests invade your Garland, Texas home, give Brinker Animal Removal a call to receive efficient and affordable pest removal services.

Why Rodents Invade Garland, TX Homes

Before you hire the best animal removal contractor in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, you first need to understand why the critters seek indoor shelter. A warm attic or cozy space behind a wall protects rodents from the harsh weather delivered by Old Man Winter. An attic traps the heat rising from sources located in the kitchen, basement, and living room to offer rodents the warmth they cannot find outside. Rodents also seek indoor shelter to avoid hungry predators. After the leaves fall and the vegetation withers, rodents no longer enjoy the protection of concealment offered by lush plants and trees.

Rodents that take shelter in a home to ride out winter typically leave at the first signs of spring. However, a pregnant rodent that builds a large nest in the attic plans to live in your house until the kids grow into self-sufficient adults. With dozens of rats scampering around the attic, you have a major crisis on your hands. Rats chew everything in sight to turn an ordinary attic into what appears to be a war zone. When rats come calling at your Garland, TX home, you need to sound the alarm by contacting the rodent removal experts at Brinker Animal Removal.

How to Rodent Proof Your Home

After we complete your free home inspection, our contractors immediately get to work by sealing every hole and crack we found along the roofline and around the foundation of the basement. We repair mortar and weather stripping, as well as replace damaged windows. The next step for rodent proofing your Garland, Texas home involves storing dry food in thick, airtight stainless steel containers. Even with razor sharp teeth, the worst damage a rodent can do to a stainless steel food storage container is to leave a few dents and scratches. We also spend time fixing leaky pipes and clearing clogged drains to prevent water from building up near and inside your house.

Certified Rodent Removal Company Gets the Job Done Right

With the GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation, Brinker Animal Removal has earned the prestige that comes with the coveted certification. GAF awards the certification to home services companies that have established a record of performing successful animal removal projects for several years. The organization rewards contractors that implement transparent business practices. For the rodent removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal, this means we clearly explain every step of the rodent removal process, as well as create contracts that do not include hidden fees.

When you need an experienced pest removal contractor, contact Brinker Animal Removal to schedule a free inspection for your Garland, TX home.