“Amazing service during the bad weather we had last hail season. Quick to respond to any questions and/or concerns! Did an amazing job keeping me up to date on the whole process! Highly Recommend!!!!!”

Since 1981, Brinker Animal Removal has offered “amazing service” for our Garland, TX clients. From responding to emergency calls in the middle of the night to completing difficult home improvement projects before deadlines, our team of licensed and bonded home services professionals receives rave reviews throughout cyberspace.

We even remove pesky squirrels from Garland, Texas homes.

Squirrels do not seem to pose much of a threat. After all, how threatening can a wild animal be who spends most of its day chasing each other across the backyard. Yet, squirrels do pose problems and it all starts with the way their teeth grow.

Sharp Teeth Cause Considerable Damage

As a member of the rodent family, squirrels possess razor sharp incisors located at the top and bottom jaw. How do squirrel teeth turn into causes of potentially serious bite injuries? The answer lies in a fluke characteristic of nature.

Rodent incisors never stop growing, which means squirrels must constantly chew on things to ensure their teeth remain at healthy and comfortable sizes. When outdoors living in their natural habitats, squirrels chew on tree bark and branches, as well as on the nuts they store in the ground.  Squirrels that move into Garland, TX homes for the winter turn to other sources to maintain the right size teeth.

They turn to your home’s wall insulation, wooden support beams, and electrical wire insulation. The last method for sharpening teeth is particularly dangerous, as compromised electrical wires can cause power outages or worse, spark an electrical fire.

Indoor Food and Water Sources in Garland, TX

Unlike mice and rats, squirrels have no problem leaving homes to forage for food and slurp up water. However, when winter arrives, outdoor food sources diminish, which cause furry-tailed squirrels to search indoors for food and water sources. Some of the places where squirrels find indoor food include open cabinet and pantries. Using their razor sharp incisors, squirrels make quick work of dry food bags and boxes. For water, squirrels scamper into basements to drink from pools of water that form under clogged drains and leaky water faucets. One of the most effective methods for preventing a family of squirrels from leaving a forwarding address inside your Garland, Texas home involves eliminating all food and water sources. Our team of experienced squirrel removal specialists recommends storing all dry food in thick plastic containers and placing the containers on the highest shelves within tightly shut cabinets and pantries. Ventilate the damp areas of your home, such as the basement, to prevent water accumulation.

Removing Squirrels the Humane Way

It’s one thing to efficiently remove squirrels from your home. It’s quite another thing to remove squirrels the right way: humanely. Baited traps and self-release cages cause only anxiety and in some cases, pain for trapped squirrels. Our humane method of removing squirrels from Garland, TX homes does not include using poisons that can cause harm to your family. We capture squirrels in spacious cages that we immediately bring to where squirrels should be living. Upon arriving to a densely wooded area out in the country, all we have to do is raise cage doors and sit back to watch squirrels run quickly into the vegetation. Squirrels do not have the instinctive skill of returning to the same places where we trap the rodent.

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