When you discover the presence of raccoons inside your Grapevine, TX home, the natural reaction is to panic. Raccoons pose several health concerns, including savage bites and prolonged illnesses caused by exposure to foodborne pathogens. Your plan is to eradicate the animal invaders as swiftly as possible, even if it means harming the raccoons.

We have a better plan.

Take a deep breath and contact the raccoon removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal. Our team of licensed and bonded raccoon removal experts devises a plan that quickly removes raccoons from your home. We do not rely on traps and poisons to provide quick raccoon removal solutions. Our compassionate methods for extracting raccoons include taking captured raccoons far away from Grapevine, Texas to release the animals into their natural habitat. We make sure to travel far enough from your home to ensure the raccoons never return. The bandit looking animals possess the amazing ability to rediscover the home where they previously lived.

Feast or Famine

Raccoons have several reasons for entering homes, with one reason having life or death implications. With the onset of winter, food and water sources dwindle. Vegetation dies and water sources such as streams no longer offer enough sustenance for survival. This means raccoons must find alternative food and water sources to avoid famine. Your home, with its full garbage cans sitting in the driveway, offers a convenient source of food for raccoons to enjoy. Raccoons hit trash receptacles even when there are plenty of pickings in the great outdoors.

The feast or famine dilemma is especially troublesome for pregnant raccoons, as they have to feed a large litter of babies and continue feeding the kids until they are old enough to fend for themselves. When garbage cans no longer offer enough food, raccoons often try to enter homes through openings in the roof or at the foundation. Once inside, any food bags or boxes left unsecured is fair game for a raccoon’s razor sharp teeth and claws.

Tips for Grapevine, TX Homeowners             

Should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve is not the way to keep raccoons out of Grapevine, TX homes. Our team of accomplished raccoon removal specialists teaches homeowners how to prevent raccoons from setting up shop in an attic or basement. In addition to the attraction of easy food left unsecured in trash bins, raccoons also enter homes because in many cases, access is easy. To prevent easy raccoon access, you must seal every medium and large size crack along the roof and the entire perimeter of the home foundation. Ventilate damp areas of your home to evaporate water sources. Pay special attention to potential water pipe leaks and clogged drains. We encourage our clients to store dry food in thick plastic containers placed inside of tightly shut cabinets and pantries. Clean pet bowls and store open pet food bags inside of locked closets

BBB Accredited Raccoon Removal Company

Brinker Animal Removal benefits from the countless positive customer reviews we receive on sites such as Yelp and Google. Our clients have taken word of mouth advertising to the next level by making our company go viral online. We are also proud of the accreditation we have received from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A BBB accreditation separates the high performing home services contractors from companies that need a little work to improve. The BBB has bestowed its highest rating of A+ to Brinker because of our transparent business practices and our commitment to deliver the best raccoon removal services.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule an initial meeting to discuss raccoon removal in Grapevine, Texas.