The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has considerable influence in how consumers choose products and select contractors to provide services. For its renowned business rating, the BBB considers factors such as number of complaints, the length of time in business, and the quality of transparent business practices. The licensed and bonded team of rodent removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal is proud to tell Grapevine, TX homeowners that our well-respected home services company has received the highest rating from the BBB, which is an A+.

Our BBB accredited home services company has received 13 positive reviews and not one negative complaint. Why is a BBB review important? The answer is the BBB verifies the identity of every submitted review. For more than 35 years, Brinker Animal Removal has earned the trust of the most referred to consumer advocacy resource in print and online.

Brinker Animal Removal Removes Rats in the Cellar

Living in tornado alley means many homeowners in central Texas have built storm cellars to protect loved ones against the wrath of a twister. Storm cellars offer protection for humans, as well as permanent homes for rats. The nocturnal rodent prefers to build its nest in obscure and less traveled areas of Grapevine, Texas homes. Rats need only a hole as small as 1/2-inch to burrow into a basement, which leads to the entrance of a storm cellar.

Once inside a storm cellar, the common Norway rat thrives in the moist environment and whenever it feels hungry, a rat simply find a way upstairs into the kitchen to feast on trash and other rodent delicacies. Norway rats typically are cautious and wait patiently until activity in the kitchen has diminished. As you drift into sleep, a rat and her family of babies might be dining on what mamma rat discovered in one of the cupboards. You will eventually learn of the presence of rats inside of your Grapevine, TX home and when you do, you must place a call to the rodent removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal.

Brinker Animal Removal Uses Humane Traps

By using the humane live trap, the rodent removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal ensure the wild animals do not suffer from prolonged immense pain. We try to avoid snap and glue traps that generate acute pain and anxiety. Repellents act as preventive strategies for keeping rats outdoor where they belong. However, repellents contain toxic materials that can harm children and pets. Ultrasonic devices represent more humane methods for extracting rodents, but the devices can be ineffective at times. Brinker Animal Removal only uses extreme rodent removal measures in cases where large rats present imminent danger to pets and young children.

Doing the Two-Step for Grapevine, Texas Homeowners

The licensed and bonded home services professionals at Brinker Animal Removal thoroughly explain how we plan to remove rodents from Grapevine, Texas homes. Our rodent removal process is so thorough that we ask to meet with you two times, before we perform a rodent removal job. During the initial meeting, we brainstorm ideas with you, including how different removal techniques affect your home improvement budget. We explain what you should expect and provide you with examples of the past successful rodent removal projects we have completed.

We like to give our customers a few days to digest what they learned during the initial meeting. Then, we schedule a second consultation to present the details of our rodent removal proposal. Our team of certified home services specialists will describe the technique we want to implement to rid your home of pesky rodents. Our goal is to make a rodent removal project as non-invasive as possible.

To learn more about our rodent removal services, call Brinker Animal Removal by phone or by completing the online form to schedule an initial meeting.