Emergency Rodent Removal in Houston, TX

If you are a homeowner in Houston, Texas that lived through Hurricane Harvey, you understand the major problems caused by rodent infestations. After Harvey moved well inland, many homeowners along the Gulf coast had to deal with displaced rats, mice, and squirrels. How did homeowners respond to the critter nuisances?

They called Brinker Animal Removal.

We received numerous emergency calls to get rid of rodents in Houston, TX in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. Our 24 hours per day emergency support separates our pest control company from the competition. We close our doors around six every evening, but the phones remain open throughout the night to handle emergency critter control calls. From a family of rats that have moved into the attic to an army of mice invading the kitchen, our licensed and bonded team of rodent removal professionals operates with a sense of urgency to return your home to which it belongs.

Why a Rodent Infestations Creates a Sense of Urgency

A few squirrels scampering about the attic might not appear to pose a threat to your Houston, TX home. However, rodents possess razor sharp teeth that require constant fine tuning because the teeth never stop growing. Rats especially cause havoc inside area homes by chewing up everything in sight. From soft materials like clothing and magazines to seemingly impossible to destroy wooden support beams, just a few mice can leave you with thousands of dollars in a home repair bill. Rodents even chew the insulation off electrical wires.

Rodents also have voracious appetites, which means after the critters build nests in attics and basements, they head out in search of easy to access food. Where does easy to access food sit in your home? Probably in open dry food bags and fresh produce that lies in a bowl on top of the dining room table or kitchen counter. Rodents rip open plastic bags and gnaw through other types of synthetic materials to satisfy hunger pangs. The result of the foraging is fecal matter that contains potentially life threatening foodborne bacteria.

Rodent Proof Your Houston, Texas Home

The team of rodent removal experts at Brinker do much more than get rid of rats, mice, and squirrels. We also help Houston, Texas homeowners implement strategies that discourage rodents from returning to the scene of the crime. The first order of business involves sealing every hole and crack, no matter the size of the opening. Rodents have limber joints that allow the critters to squeeze through gaps that are smaller than their body sizes. We also repair mortar and weather stripping damage to put out the “You’re not welcome” mat. Another effective tactic is to store dry food in airtight stainless steel containers placed high above the kitchen floor in tightly sealed cabinets. You should also fix leaky pipes and clear clogged drains to eliminate water sources for thirsty, squirrels, rats, and mice.

GAF Certified Rodent Removal Contractors

There is not a hall of fame for home services contractors, but if there was, it would be receiving the highly coveted GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor designation. GAF awards the certification to a select few home improvement companies that have established a record of delivering superior home services for Houston, TX property owners. GAF certified contractors adhere to transparent business practices, from clearly communicating with clients to writing contracts that do not include any hidden fees. We proudly display the GAF logo to let potential clients know about the leading rodent removal company operating in Houston, Texas.

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