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Raccoons Bring on the Night in Irving, TX

All is quiet in your home until one late autumn morning, when you wake to strange sounds coming from the attic. It sounds like something is scratching some of the objects used to secure the most elevated room in your home. About four weeks later, you hear another strange sound coming from the attic: high-pitched screeches.

Raccoons are nocturnal wild animals that roam neighborhood streets at night. When a pregnant raccoon needs to find shelter to keep her soon to be babies warm and safe, she performs her searches in the dark of night. A family of adults and mature kids wanting to ride out winter use nighttime as the ideal time to move into Irving, TX homes. Since raccoons sleep during the day, it might take weeks before you realize you have a problem.

A big problem.

A Pack of Destroyers

Raccoons have the reputation of fiercely protecting their humble abodes. If the wild animals feel threatened, they might lash out by biting and clawing humans and other wild animals. However, raccoons prefer to avoid human contact and since the wild animals prefer night time to search for food, your biggest concern should be the condition of your Garland, Texas home.

To keep their claws razor sharp, raccoons go to town on hard objects such as plastic containers and wooden support beams. For building nests, raccoons need materials discovered in the attic, including magazines, newspapers, and clothing. When paper and fabric sources of home raccoon materials disappear, the animal turns to wall insulation and worse, the insulation that covers electrical wires. Homeowners throughout the Dallas metroplex have reported power outages caused by raccoons. Other destructive incidents include gnawing through attic floorboards and tearing up the blocks of wood that separate indoors from outdoors. Your homeowner’s insurance policy might cover the damage caused by wild animals, but the hassle of restoring your home to mint condition is more than enough of a reason to call Brinker Animal Removal.

Offering Humane Raccoon Removal Services

The time has come to contact Brinker Animal Removal. You want the fastest and most thorough extraction of raccoons from your home. We work fast, but not by killing raccoons or making the wild animals endure hours stuck in painful traps. Our team of raccoon removal specialists ensures every raccoon we catch transports inside of a spacious cage on the way to a natural area where raccoons thrive. The savvy animals possess the unusual skill of knowing how to find the home where they lived. Therefore, we drive raccoons dozens of miles away from your home to prevent another intrusion. We take special care removing a mother and her young children to keep the family together in their natural habitats.

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