What defines a rodent? Let’s start with the non-stop growth of the two incisors located at the top and bottom on a rodent’s jaw. Rodents have to gnaw on things just to maintain the proper size of their teeth, which allows them to consume food properly. The constant gnawing and chewing takes its toll on homeowner properties in Irving, TX. Rodent gnawing-especially from a large family of rodents-can destroy home walls, beams, and electrical walls.

When you detect the presence of rodents inside of your Irving, Texas home, you need to contact the certified home services contractors at Brinker Animal Removal. With an HAAG certification and classified as a GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor, our team of licensed and bonded rodent removal experts prevent mice, rats, and squirrels from damaging your home. Some of the credentials required to become a GAF Certified Master Elite Contractor include the commitment to ongoing training and having adequate insurance for protecting the assets of Irving, TX homeowners.

The Damage Caused By Rodents in Irving, TX

Rodents can cause incredible damage to homes, offices, and apartments. With litters capable of reaching double digits and several litters born throughout the year, rodents can comprise a small army of invaders that like The Alamo, put your home under siege. Rodents create shreds of materials from books, newspapers and magazines to build large nests that offer comfort and safety to the hordes of newborns. When the furry pests run out of conventional sources for nest building, they turn their razor sharp teeth on furniture. Insulation is another valuable source of material for building rodent nests, which means the wiring system powering your home is vulnerable to receiving significant damage. Mice, rats, and squirrels are often the culprits behind home fires started by the rodents chewing away wire insulation.

Protection of Food Tips from Brinker Animal Removal

After rodents build nests, the four legged pests swarm over food sources to satisfy voracious appetites. It’s amazing that rodents barely the size of the average sized human hand can consume pounds of food within a short period. Irving, Texas homeowners must understand how to protect food from hungry rodents.

Instead of storing food in the original bags and boxes, the experienced team of rodent removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal recommends storing grains and cereals in airtight plastic containers. The plastic containers should be more than 1/2 -inch thick and include child proof tops that require strong hands to turn for gaining access to food. Always clean and sanitize dining surfaces and make sure to sweep up after a meal in the kitchen and dining room. Dedicate a small area of your home for feeding pets and remove pet bowls when feeding time is over.

Rodent Removal Facts about Mice

Mice appear non-threatening, that is, until you see the carnage left behind by small rodents. Very curious in nature, mice enjoy exploring their new homes and gaining access to areas as small as the tip of your index finger. Flexible joints allow mice to squeeze into virtually every area of your home, from a thin opening between a water pipe and insulation to penny size holes on the sides of your home. As outstanding climbers and swimmers, mice represent the most athletic species of rodent. The nocturnal rodents come out at night after you have turned in for the evening or before dawn after you leave for the day.

Irving, TX homeowners have to take rodent removal seriously. The consequences of not taking action immediately include a significant decrease in the value your home. Contact Brinker Animal Removal today for superior rodent removal services.