Critter Control for Irving, Texas Homeowners

Why do rodents search for second homes? After all, the pickings are usually good for critters that roam the neighborhoods in Irving, TX. That is, until winter arrives and rodents lose their primary sources of food. Nuts stop falling from trees and vegetation turns to brown, which motivates rodents not only to seek better shelter, but also find places where food is easily accessible. Rodents also need shelter to raise families, whether the families are born outdoors or inside the cozy confines of an attic.

Whatever the reason for a rodent infestation inside your Irving, Texas home, you need the expert rodent removal services offered by Brinker Animal Removal. Since 1981, our team of licensed and bonded critter control professionals has kept homes throughout the area rodent free. We efficiently trap and remove rodents humanely, while educating our clients on how to prevent future invasions. Our humane rodent trapping methods include using food baits, instead of poisoned baits that are harmful to other wildlife and the members of your family. For the fastest and most thorough rodent removal experts, you have to turn to Brinker Animal Removal.

Hungry Rodents Create Health Hazards

Winter takes away most of the food sources rodents depend on during other times of the year. When one or more hungry rodents invade your home in search of food, you expose you and your family to several health hazards. Famished rodents lose their natural instinct to avoid humans. Hunger has the power to overrule basic instincts. Instead of fleeing the scene when you arrive in the kitchen, desperate rodents have no problem fighting for the food you left out in an open bag or on top the kitchen table. This means you are vulnerable to painful rodent bites, which can lead to an agonizing series of rabies shots.

Although rodent bites cause serious health issues, a far worse medical malady lurks behind every food bag and tray. Hungry rodents stuff themselves until they have polished off what you left in the kitchen and basement. Where do rodents leave the fecal matter that inevitably follows a multiple course meal? They leave the remnants of dinner inside cabinets, on kitchen floors, and across kitchen and dining room tables. Exposure to rodent fecal matter can trigger the onset of a foodborne illness such as Salmonella. Symptoms of foodborne illness include high fever and severe stomach cramps.

Secure Food Sources in Your Irving, Texas Home

We can help you clean up a mess left by hungry rodents, but we prefer to take measures that deter rodents from searching for food inside your Irving, TX home. The first step involves storing dry food inside airtight stainless steel containers. Even mighty rodent teeth and claws are no match for rugged stainless steel. We then place the stainless steel containers inside tightly closed cabinets and pantries. You should remove fresh fruit and vegetables from tables and counters to prevent rodents from gaining access to easy meals. Make sure you clean pet bowls after every meal and store pet food bags inside locked closets.

Highly Rated Critter Control Services

Check out our customer reviews on Yelp, Google, and Facebook and you will see why Brinker Animal Removal is the rodent removal contractor called upon in Irving, Texas. From clearly explaining every step of the rodent removal process to helping you prevent future infestations, we have earned the reputation for completing successful rodent removal projects.

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