Rodents such as squirrels have to deal with a unique biological phenomenon. Incisors located at the upper and lower jaw never stop growing. Unless squirrels chew and gnaw on things constantly to achieve the optimal size, the rodent’s incisors can become not only unmanageable, but also create severe health consequences. What does the condition of a squirrel’s teeth have to do with Irving, Texas homeowners?

The answer is significant damage to your home.

Squirrels can turn your attic into a shredded mess during the few months the rodents take refuge in your home during winter. Everything from old newspapers to wooden roof support beams is fair game for the destructive rodents. If you detect the presence of squirrels inside your home, you should contact the licensed and bonded squirrel removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal.

The Search for Food and Water

Squirrels relocate to Irving, TX for one primary reason: Exhausted food sources in the wild. Mother Nature turns verdant vegetation into brown masses of malnourishment every year in late autumn. To cure hunger pangs, squirrels move into homes for the easy access to dry food improperly stored in original paper bags and cardboard boxes. Razor sharp teeth allow squirrels to make quick work of pasta boxes and bags of rice.

One of the most effective ways to prevent a squirrel invasion involves storing dry food in thick plastic containers. Squirrels can still chew through plastic, but it takes much longer than chewing through paper. By placing food stored in plastic containers in tightly shut cabinets and pantries, you eliminate the number one food source squirrels rely on during winter. Squirrels also lap up water dripping from leaky pipes or pooling around clogged drains.

How Irving, Texas Homeowners Prevent Squirrel Parties

As members of the rodent family, squirrels possess limber joints that allow the wild animals to pass through holes and cracks much smaller than their body frames. To prevent a squirrel infestation, Irving, Texas homeowners should hire Brinker Animal Removal to find and then seal every hole and crack. We know where to look for possible points of entry and we apply a sealant that withstands the worst weather Mother Nature can deliver. Our team of certified contractors recommends installing door sweeps and repairing damaged screens. Hungry squirrels can slide through small openings in door and window screens any time of year. When we perform home inspections, we ensure every vent and the openings to chimneys are covered by screens. You should also prune bushes located near your home to expose squirrel nests. The rodents use bushes and stacks of firewood as staging areas for the invasion of Irving, TX homes.

BBB Endorsed Squirrel Removal Contractor

Trying to find the best home services contractor to handle your squirrel removal project involves plenty of research of customer review sites. Yelp and Google offer you a rich source of customer reviews that helps reduce the number of contractors under consideration. One online source seals the deal for homeowners who need to remove squirrels.

The consumer advocacy organization Better Business Bureau (BBB) is the first place you should go online to research home services contractors. Brinker has earned accreditation from the BBB, as well as received the organization’s highest rating of A+. The customer reviews presented by the BBB enthusiastically endorse our dedication to providing superior squirrel removal services. In fact, our team of experienced squirrel removal experts has not received one negative review on the BBB page.

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