Highly Rated Rat Removal Company for Keller, TX Homeowners

The licensed and bonded team of rat and rodent removal professionals at Brinker Animal Removal is proud of the positive feedback we receive from the customers we have worked with since 1981. In Keller, Texas, Brinker Animal Removal is your best solution for removing rats. We implement effective humane rat trapping practices that return your home to you and your family.

“Great company! They worked directly with my insurance company and made the process easy. They did great work and I will be using them in the future!”

Brinker Animal Removal not only posts customers testimonials on our website, we also welcome the positive feedback uploaded online to customer review sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook. Word of mouth advertising has transformed from literal word of mouth recommendations to digital word of mouth praise for our Keller, TX home services company.

Why You Need to Get Rid of Rats

Like most rodents, rats possess razor sharp incisors that require constant care because the varmit’s teeth never stop growing. Once a rat enters your home, everything in its path is fair game for chewing and gnawing. However, rats do not destroy your attic or basement just for maintaining properly sized teeth. The rodents typically enter Keller, Texas homes to find a safe place to build a nest that provides shelter for a rapidly growing family.

Once settled in the attic or basement, rats embark on a quest to find food and water. If you leave dry food out on the kitchen floor or table, you can expect a family of rats to make short work of the food. The ravenous pests go to work long after you fall asleep at night and when you wake up, you notice the remnants of the rats foraging in the form of fecal matter that can produce a wide variety of severe illnesses.

When you detect the presence of rats in your Keller, TX home, you need to respond with a sense of urgency.

Prevention is 99% of the Rats Cure in Keller, Texas

One of the reasons Brinker Animal Removal receives positive customer reviews is we do not stop working until our clients have implemented measures that prevent rat infestations. We start by securing all your dry food in airtight containers and placing the food inside tightly closed cabinets and pantries. Then, we perform a thorough inspection of your home by focusing along the roof and around the foundation. Rats have the ability to squeeze through holes and cracks that are smaller than their body frames. Our team of rat removal experts seals every hole and crack, regardless of the size of each possible point of entry. Other steps we take to prevent a rat invasion in your Keller, Texas home include eliminating water sources that form because of leaky pipes and clogged drains.

Schedule a Free Rodent Inspection

After we receive your call for help, our team of critter control specialists schedules an initial meeting when we discuss the infestation with you and conduct a free home inspection. Because of our more than 35 years of experience, we waste no time devising a comprehensive plan to remove rats behind walls and in the attic. During the second consultation, we present our plan, which includes a timeline for completing the project. A well-defined timeline allows you to schedule time away from home when we reach the heart of the rat removal project. Our team of trusted rat removal professionals also clearly defines the cost of the project to ensure you remain within your home improvement budget.

Contact Brinker Animals Removal today to schedule a free inspection for your Keller, TX home.