How to Trap Rodents in Keller, TX

Before they call Brinker Animal Removal, many of our clients try to catch rodents themselves. After all, how hard can it be to trap the same squirrel that forgets where he buried the family nuts? The fact is rodent trapping can turn into a dangerous exercise of futility, as rodents possess razor sharp teeth and claws that can do considerable damage on human flesh. When you detect the presence of mice, rats, or squirrels in the attic or behind a wall, the time has come to contact the team of rodent removal professionals that have defined efficient animal removal in Keller, Texas.

For more than 35 years, Brinker Animal Removal has set the quality standard for getting rid of critters, with an emphasis on trapping rodents. Once the critters enter your home, everything is fair game for chewing and clawing. Any clothes you have stored in the attic will turn into shredded messes within hours of the arrival of a family of rats, mice, or squirrels. The wooden support beams in the attic and the insulation covering the walls in the basement become materials rodents use to build large nests.

We Work with a Sense of Urgency

Our primary goal is to catch rodents and remove the varmints as quickly as possible from Keller, TX homes. Our humane trapping methods include using food baits to lure rodents from hiding spaces behind walls and along the rooflines in attics. Once inside our cages, rodents have plenty of room to move around. The only time we use lethal trapping methods to catch wild animals is when the animals pose a direct and immediate danger to you and your family. For rodents, that is rarely the case. After catching rats, mice, and squirrels, we return the critters promptly to their natural habitats. In some cases, rodents require medical attention or pregnant rodents need a safe place to deliver babies. We take special rodent cases to animal rescue shelters.

Rodent Proofing Your Keller, Texas Home

Every hole and crack located along the roofline and around the foundation of your Keller, Texas home is an opportunity for a rodent to find shelter to ride out winter. We seal every hole and crack we see, even the smallest points of entry. Rodents are the animal kingdom’s version of human contortionists, as they can wriggle their way through virtually any size hole and crack. Our next rodent proofing task involves fixing broken windows and repairing damaged mortar.

After we take care of the structure of your home, we turn our attention to eliminating potential food and water sources. Rodents dive into dry food bags located on the floor and in cabinets to satisfy hunger pangs. We fix leaky pipes and clear clogged drains to deter rodents from drinking the water collecting around and inside your Keller, TX home.

Streamlined Planning Process

Our sense of urgency carries over to the planning stage of the rodent removal project. We meet with you two times, with the first time including a free comprehensive home inspection. After brainstorming ideas for rodent removal, we return to discuss our plans with you during the second meeting. You receive detailed information about each step of the project, with our goal to make your life as normal as possible during the time we implement our critter control strategy. The contract we propose thoroughly explains each component of our bid. We never add hidden fees or confusing language that costs you more money.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule a free inspection for your Keller, Texas home.