Rodent Trapping in Lewisville, Texas

When we opened our doors in 1981, word of mouth advertising is how we attracted new clients. After more than 35 years, word of mouth advertising remains the most effective way we get the word out about Brinker Animal Removal. The difference is the word of mouth advertising we benefit from now comes in the form of customer reviews posted on sites such as Yelp, Google, and Facebook.

“Great company! They worked directly with my insurance company and made the process easy. They did great work and I will be using them in the future!”

Our team of licensed and bonded home services professionals undergoes constant training to stay ahead of the latest humane rodent trapping methods, as well as the most effective ways to rodent proof Lewisville, TX homes. We take on mouse, rat, and squirrel removal projects with the sense of urgency you deserve to eliminate your infestation quickly. With a free home inspection offered by Brinker Animal Removal, you have a powerful reason to determine if rodents have moved into your Lewisville, Texas house.

The Great Late Fall Migration

When the leaves begin to turn brown and fall from trees, the time has come to think about rodent infestations. With vegetation dying, rodents lose much of their food sources, as well as the camouflage that concealed their homes located in trees and bushes. Before the last leaf falls to the ground, most rodents have high-tailed it into Lewisville, TX homes. Whether they find refuge in the attic or basement, the first order of business is to build nests to provide safety for rapidly growing families.

Rodents possess razor sharp teeth to turn any material found in the attic or basement into part of a wide and deep nest. It all starts with the shredding of soft materials, such as clothing, newspapers, and magazines. When the soft stuff runs out and a nest is only half done, rodents start chipping away at hard objects like wooden panels and electrical wire insulation. Chewing electrical wire insulation is especially troubling, since exposing electrical wires can lead to home power outages.

Critter Control for Lewisville, TX Homeowners

We believe in the adage “Prevention is 99% of the cure.” After trapping and removing rodents from your house, we educate you about the methods to use for rodent proofing your home. One tip you do not read about is the suggestion to move piles of wood away from the sides of homes. Rodents like to use wood piles as staging areas for home invasions. The same principle applies to shrubs and bushes. Even when the vegetation turns brown, there is still enough cover for rodents to hide. We recommend pruning shrubs and bushes to deter rodents from setting up shop on your doorstep. Another effective rodent prevention tip is to eliminate all water sources located near your home. This means eliminating the puddles that form after classic central Texas thunderstorms.

Hire Professional Contractors to Trap Rodents

Rodents might appear benign, but as we often mention, the damage a family of rodents can cause inside your home can run thousands of dollars. You cannot waste valuable time trying to catch rodents yourself. You should contact Brinker Animal Removal to use humane trapping methods that permanently remove rodents from your Lewisville, Texas home. After following a few of our rodent proofing tips, you can live with the peace of mind knowing rats, mice, and squirrels have found somewhere else to ride out winter.

Call our office or submit the convenient online form today to learn more about how Brinker Animal Removal traps and removes rodents in Lewisville, TX.