Get Rid of Squirrels in Lewisville, TX

The furry-tailed animals look pleasant enough from a distance. After all, unlike other types of wild animals, squirrels run away at the first sign of danger. Where do fearful squirrels hide? When the weather permits, the rodents prefer to live in nests built near the top of tall trees. However, when Old Man Winter visits Lewisville, Texas, squirrels scurry in search of a warm place to ride out the cold weather.

They search for vulnerable homes in Lewisville, TX.

Squirrels require little open space to wriggle through holes and cracks, which means your home might be susceptible to a rodent infestation. The damage squirrels can cause by chewing through almost any object should motivate you to call our team of licensed and bonded rodent removal professionals. For more than 35 years, Brinker Animal Removal has delivered on our promise to remove animals safely and efficiently.

Squirrel Removal Means Squirrel Prevention

If prevention is 90% of the cure for a cold, then the percentage is higher than that for getting rid of squirrels. We quickly eliminate your rodent problem, but you have to do your part to make sure our solutions remain in place. Our team of rodent removal experts seals every crack and hole a squirrel can possibly squeeze through. We inspect high risk areas of your home, such as the attic and basement, for compromised mortar and weather stripping. If we seal all the holes and cracks, squirrels have no problem entering a home by crawling through a ripped door or window screen.

Every food source requires an inspection, particularly the dry food left out in the kitchen packed inside the original bags. You must store dry food in tightly closed plastic containers placed inside of locked pantries and cabinets. After we complete operation “Remove Squirrels in Attic,” you should ventilate damp areas and examine water pipes to detect leaks that form pools of water for squirrels to receive nourishment. Keep shrubs and bushes trimmed around your home to prevent squirrels from using the vegetation as a launching pad to invade your house.

How our Company Removes Squirrels from Attics

Once a family of squirrels sets up shop in the attic or basement, you need to contact our team of critter control specialists to catch each squirrel and deliver the entire family back into the wild. Squirrels sometimes only use an attic as a place to sleep. Otherwise, they spend their days outdoors burying and retrieving nuts. Knowing the typical squirrel lifestyle allows us to wait for the squirrels to return before dusk, when we humanely trap the rodents inside of large cages. Our goal is to keep every member of a squirrel family together no matter how far away we relocate the home invaders.

Critter Control Planning for Lewisville, Texas Homeowners

The key to swiftly getting rid of squirrels from your Lewisville, Texas home involves meeting with you two times before we embark on our mission to return your home back to you. During the initial meeting, we discover the extent of your pest removal problem by talking with you and performing a meticulous inspection of your house. We spend considerable time in the two most likely places wild animals hide: the attic and basement.

Our team of animal removal specialists spends a day or two brainstorming ideas on creating the most effective strategy for critter control. We return to your home to discuss our plan, and then we finalize what we plan to do, with our contractors informing you of our intentions during every step of the way.

Call our office or complete the online form today to learn more about Brinker Animal Removal solutions for Lewisville, TX homeowners.