Raccoon Removal in Little Elm, Texas

It is late autumn and the first signs of winter have arrived. Birds have headed south towards the Gulf of Mexico and dead leaves accumulate on the ground. Another rite of autumn is about to happen to your Little Elm, TX home.

A pregnant raccoon has moved in for winter.

Raccoons represent one of the more common animal removal requests our team of licensed and bonded home services professionals receive. The large wild animal typically seeks shelter in attics and basements to enjoy warm comfort that allows the wild animals to ride out the coldest months of the year. When you hear the unmistakable sounds of scratching upstairs or downstairs, the time has come to contact Brinker Animal Removal to get rid of raccoons in Little Elm, Texas.

Raccoons in Attic Means Big Trouble

Our clients typically face two raccoon infestation scenarios. In the first scenario, a family of raccoons moves in to ride out winter. The family is in need of comfortable shelter and access to food. Most raccoons that mover in for weather-related reasons move out at the first sign that spring is near. The worst case second scenario involves a pregnant raccoon moving in to give birth to a litter of famished babies. This scenario can play out over several months, which means your attic or basement is highly susceptible to the carnage raccoons can leave behind.

Raccoons possess razor sharp claws and teeth that make short work of soft and hard materials. The damage can include the shredding of wall insulation in the attic and wooden support beams in the basement. The bandit looking pests also destroy anything in the path of food, such as bags of dry food carelessly left on the kitchen floor. Because of the threat of rabies delivered by a deep bite, raccoons are one of the most dangerous wild animals that invade Little Elm, TX homes.

Critter Control Starts with Prevention

The GAF certified raccoon removal experts at Brinker Animal Removal work with Little Elm, TX homeowners to prevent a repeat infestation performance by cold and hungry raccoons. Prevention starts at the curb of your house, as raccoons are notorious for dining on the leftovers you conveniently leave in the trash bins placed outdoors for weekly pickup. We recommend our clients store garbage dumpsters inside basements or garages to send raccoons down the street for easier sources of food.

Raccoons require large entry holes and cracks to squeeze through into attics and basements. This means finding the raccoon entrances to seal is not a problem for the raccoon removal specialists at Brinker Animal Removal. For food sources inside your Little Elm, Texas home, we encourage clients to store dry food in airtight plastic containers and then place the secured food on the top shelves of tightly shut pantries and cabinets. Fix leaky pipes and clear clogged drains of debris to eliminate indoor and outdoor water sources for raccoons.

Round the Clock Trapping Service in Little Elm, TX

Responding to pest removal jobs requires a sense of urgency. In the case of raccoons, Brinker Animal Removal treats the projects as emergency animal removal projects. The destruction to property and the threat of serious injury makes trapping raccoons a priority for our team of home services professionals. We have established an emergency phone line that is active 24 hours per day, seven days per week. When you hear hissing in the attic late at night, the time has come to activate our emergency raccoon removal service.

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