Squirrel Removal Company for Little Elm, Texas Homeowners

For more than 35 years, Brinker Animal Removal has provided top rated home services for Little Elm, TX homeowners. Our team of licensed and bonded animal removal professionals receives continuous training to stay on top of the most advanced techniques that promote humane trapping methods. We offer 24 hours per day emergency animal removal services to ensure you and your family enjoys a safe living environment.

The removal of wild animals from your home requires a meticulous planning process that starts with a free home inspection. After meeting with you to determine the extent of your animal infestation problem, we devise a plan to get rid of animals that includes what appears to be the benign squirrel. Our plan specifies when you can expect us to work at your home and a line item breakdown of the costs for performing the project.

What You Need to Know about Squirrels

Squirrels romp around in the backyard and scamper up trees to return to nests. The behavior of the rodent never seems threatening and the fact is squirrels prefer to run away from human contact. However, the damage a squirrel does to attics and basements is not about harming you and your family.

It is about chewing everything in sight.

Squirrels possess limber joints, which allow the pests to squeeze through holes and cracks much smaller than their body sizes. Once inside your Little Elm, Texas home, a pregnant squirrel begins to build a nest by tearing apart soft objects such as newspapers, magazines, and clothing. When the soft materials run out, squirrels turn to wood beams and plastic insulation to complete the home building job. Female squirrel typically have two litters per year. The first litter arrives between February and April, and the second litter is born sometime in August and September.

Squirrel Proofing Your Little Elm, TX Home

Squirrel proofing your Little Elm, TX home starts by sealing every hole and crack that has formed along the roof and around the foundation. Our team of critter control experts then make sure all of the dry food is store in airtight plastic containers placed high above the floor in cabinets and pantries. We also eliminate all water sources, including the pools of water created by leaky pipes and clogged drains. You should install door sweeps on exterior doors to prevent squirrels from entering high traffic areas of your home, as well as replace damaged mortar and weather stripping located at windows and the basement. We recommend moving firewood at least 20 feet from the nearest entrance and pruning vegetation located around the house. Squirrels use firewood and thick vegetation to hide before making the move into your Little Elm, Texas home.

Animal Removal Company You Can Count On

Brinker Animal Removal implements humane trapping methods to return squirrels to their natural habitats. You can count on us to catch and remove a mother and her newborns safely inside spacious cages. We transport squirrels far away from your home to a wooded area located near a dependable water source to ensure the squirrels have plenty to eat and drink.

Never take a squirrel infestation lightly. In fact, when you hear scratching and chirping in the attic or basement, you need to take action by hiring Brinker Animal Removal. Hoping the problem will go away usually results in considerable damage to your house. If you see a squirrel running through the kitchen or down a flight of stairs, call our 24 hours per day, seven days a week emergency hotline to request immediate help.

Contact Brinker Animal Removal today to schedule a free inspection for your Little Elm, TX home.