Critter Control and Wild Animal Trapping in Your McKinney, TX Home

You hear the high-pitched wailing in the middle of the night. Is it just a bad dream or do you have unwelcome furry guests living inside of your home? The scratching and gnawing can come from wildlife as small as baby rats to animals as large as full grown possums.

Regardless of what lurks in the attic or basement, you have to take action to remove the pests from your home.
Brinker Animal Removal has offered animal removal solutions and critter control since 1981. Our experienced team of customer first professionals performs meticulous assessments to determine the entry points used by wildlife to gain access to your home. After we take measures to prevent future invasions, we implement the most effective strategies that permanently remove birds, mice, and raccoons from your humble abode.

Why Brinker is the Right Animal Removal Company for You

Why should you choose Brinker Animal Removal to handle your animal infestation problem? Let’s start with our track record of discovering the cause of wildlife intrusions in McKinney, Texas. We perform thorough examinations to find the reasons why wildlife has decided to take up residence in your home. A family of raccoons might have entered through a large hole between the gutter and roof or several mice have scurried under the kitchen sink to set up shop in their new winter home.

After we find the root cause of your wild animal problem, we use highly effective products to eliminate pests from your home. You can try to take care of your wildlife problem by purchasing do it yourself products. However, Brinker Animal Removal uses the most advanced animal removal products that not only ensure the efficient extraction of furry nuisances, but also protect the health of your family. From using durable metal cages to state-of-the-art catchpoles, Brinker Animal Removal has the tools to get your animal removal job done right.

Experience Matters for Removing Wildlife in McKinney, TX

From scars left by bite marks to exposure to harmful bacteria, wild animals can leave negative lasting impressions on your family. With your health at stake, you should consider hiring a home services company that has decades of experience efficiently removing wild animals from McKinney, TX homes. Our licensed and bonded team of animal removal professionals has worked in the field for several years. Experience matters when you need to extract an angry family of skunks from a crawl space or removal an excited den of rats from a floorboard. We know how to eliminate large animals such as deer from a barn, as well as prevent possums from wreaking havoc inside of your garage.

With experience comes knowledge, and according to many customer reviews, the home services experts at Brinker Animal Removal excel at knowing how to perform efficient and affordable animal removal jobs.

We Examine Every Corner of Your Home

The licensed and bonded professionals at Brinker Animal Removal go the extra mile in searching form wild animals invasions. After we thoroughly examine every nook and cranny inside of your McKinney, Texas home, we perform an equally thorough search outdoors. Birds and squirrels that build nests in nearby trees like to move inside when the weather turns cold for winter. Long before winter arrives, we relocate nests to natural habitats in the wild to prevent pests from gaining access to your attic, garage, and/or basement. We also perform searches of your home perimeter to detect possible wild animal entry points from neighboring properties.

Brinker Animal Removal has led the way in McKinney, TX for nearly 30 years in the removal of wild animals. Call our office or complete the online form today to meet with one of our experienced animal removal specialists.